Best Job for Introvert!

I thought of this post thinking about good jobs for bloggers who are introvert who doesn’t enjoy much public speaking

1.Science Lab: Working in a Science lab is a stable career and is fun if you enjoy experimenting lab work. Pharmacy and Nutrionists are good healthcare careers.

2. Computer science/software engineer: Being creative and work with coding.

3. Writer/Blogger: Writing using social media.

4. Librarian: Putting books on the shelves.

5. Arts and craft: If you love art and design and painting.

6.Environmental Science: Anything dealing with nature such as flowers and gardens.

7. Singing or playing an instruments: Don’t like to talk? you can sing or play an instruments.

Yeah besides writing, I would recommend science or technology careers if you are shy and an introvert. 😉


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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