Madam White Snake 2001 episode 3 recap

Too much stress in real life, I have to work hard to overcome them. Meanwhile blogging about dramas is one way to relieve my stresses and relax.




Xu Xian demanded the white snake to pay her rent. The green snake told Jun Bao he is in a brothel. The white snake gave Xu Xian her silvers. The little boy fairy stepped on Jun Bao’s knee. Xu Xiao got beaten by the people for conning them. An owner demanded Xu Xian five hundred thousand taels for his gambling debt. Xu Xian claimed his wife the white snake has it and asked her to give her silvers. The gambling owner grabbed the white snake. The warehouse got burnt. Xu Xian untied the white snake. The gambling owner and his servants chased and grabbed the white snake. Xu Xian admit that the white snake is not his wife and he asked him to take him instead. The gambling owner told Xu Xian that the white snake is worth for him to sold to the brothel. The gambling owner and the servants beat up Xu Xian for burning the warehouse. Xu Xian asked his servant if he is a jerk.


In the storage, the white snake ordered the mouse to do something for her. Mice spread all over the brothel. The white snake pointed a sword to the lady and asked her “Didn’t you say everyone is greedy, I can bribe some official to chop you to pieces”. The lady gave the white snake some silvers and opened the closet for her. The white snake showed the lady the cheques that the mice have torn. The lady fainted.

The green snake drank with Bai Shi Chang. The green snake gave Jun Bao a bowl of dumpling. Jun Bao asked the green snake why did she rescued him. The green snake said she heard that he’s been framed so she saved him from being tortured in the prison. Jun Bao asked the green snake how did she saved him. The green snake told Jun Bao, it’s the past and she asked him not to mentioned it.



Xu Xian’s servant wakes up and read Xu Xian’s farewell letter. The white snake gave the lady a tanghulu and asked her to eat it. Xu Xian’s servant showed the white snake Xu Xian’s shoes and said Xu Xian jumped in the sea and died. The elderly god took the white snake down the cave. The white snake asked the devil if there’s Xu Xian’s name in the book. The white snake saw Xu Xian gambling and about to slap him. Xu Xian asked the white snake if the gambling owner didn’t want her as his wife. The white snake told Xu Xian that the lady freed her.


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