Twin of Brothers episode 30 recap


The princess’s sedan chair came toward Raymond and Waise, a bomb exploded toward her. Joel told Waise it is not a bad thing that the princess die. Waise asked Joel “What are you talking about?”. Waise fought with Joel. Joel asked Waise if it is worth it for him to attack him for a woman. Raymond asked Waise to stop pretending and leave. Waise apologized to the princess. Waise told Joel he pointed a sword at him so Raymond can trust him. Waise told Joel he won’t let him nor anyone touch the princess. The princess thanked Waise for saving her. Waise told the princess he doesn’t bear seeing her leave. The princess asked Waise to play chess with her for the last time. The princess and Waise think in their mind that they have fallen for each other. Raymond collaborates with Waise to go to war against their rivals. Tavia told her brother she believes that Raymond is only siding with Waise temporarily. After he wins the war, he will rebel against Waise.



Leila accepts Ron’s love for her. Leila went to the temple so an elder monk could transfer his good energy for her. Nancy walked by the waterfall and daydream of Ron. Savio managed to finish practicing his martial arts. The monk and Ron and his friends saw the green light appear. The monk told them they have to find the green light before Savio. Leila told Savio it’s not too late to turn back. Leila asked Savio if he has forgotten how her mother died. Savio punched Leila and said he won’t let anyone interfere in this mission. The elder monk walked under the ground in the cave and saw the frog statue with the green light shining. The monk held the frog statue. Savio pushed Leila. Derek and Nancy and her friends arrived. Ron and his friends entered the temple. Savio tries to open the temple. Leila’s monk friend turned the statue and left the temple with Leila and her friends.


Leila asked Ron if Raymond overused his power the wrong way, would he kill him. Leila feels regret rejecting her father. Savio is planning ruling the world. Nancy sneaked out of the cave and told Ron that Savio is planning to use the green light and turn the world into dark. Ron reunites with Raymond and ate. Raymond showed Ron his land he plans to conquer. Ron asked Raymond about his relationship with Li Qian. Raymond asked why Li Qian and everyone blames him for taking the land. Ron told Raymond that he is so cunning and even collaborate with his enemy. Raymond asked Ron not to worry, he will revenge Waise for his mother. Ron told Raymond his power hunger no different from Savio. Raymond told Ron they will go to their separate ways. Raymond and Ron fought and drank with each other. Ron asked Raymond to help him and Leila fight against Savio.


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