Madam Cutie on Duty episode 6 recap

Edwin and Priscilla told Mandy and her friends that some dude spread false rumors than Pan woke up. Priscilla’s friend told Mandy and her friends that his cop friend received a phone call that a guy named Pan woke up from a coma, but in fact it was a guy named Ben. While Priscilla is taking a shower, someone took her clothes away. Priscilla dressed up in housewife clothes. Edwin told Priscilla he took her clothes so she can change her look like a housewife. Edwin and Priscilla drew a line on the white board leading to the person they would like to investigate. Mandy stared at her daughter’s artwork and registered her to school. Mrs. Tong saw Mandy standing in line and gave her a ride. Mandy asked Mrs. Tong about the stock. Priscilla maked up as a housewife and no one noticed her look. Priscilla eat ramen. Mandy picked up the spoon for Priscilla. They apologized to each other and gave each other a box of butter cookies.

Edwin fixes the water faucet for Rachel. Edwin took a picture with Rachel. Edwin checks in Rachel’s room and saw her son. Rachel suprisingly showed her son his toy car. Rachel’s son helped Rachel wiped the floor. Mandy gave Priscilla a skin product. Mandy told Kaki she doesn’t dare to tell Priscilla about her daughter hiding her pillow. The debt owner called Kaki. Priscilla teased Edwin to be careful people may think he’s taking advantage of Rachel. Edwin asked Priscilla to be careful of others think that she bribed Kaki for those facial products. Edwin’s father called Edwin and asked him to call his girlfriend if he miss her. Edwin meet up with his girlfriend but she’s busy with work.

In the restaurant, Kaki and Rachel told Priscilla they will snatch the Dim Sum food as fast as they can. Ronald Law returns home to Kaki. Priscilla’s friend hit Ronald thinking he is the debt owner. Ronald gave Kaki a new watch. Kaki brought pork drumstick for Ronald’s other. Ronald showed her mother an air purifier he bought for her. Edwin checks in Rachel’s room and found Rachel’s notebook with her loans. Edwin took pictures of the numbers and Rachel came in the room.




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