Thankful of my family

I’m thankful of my parents and family to show me good asian dramas when I was a child. Without them I wouldn’t know about asian dramas. I’m thankful of

My parents for renting lots of Wuxia tapes since they were big fans of Wuxia novels and 80s and 90s Wuxia Series. Be it Legend of Condor Heroes, Return of Condor Heroes, Demi God and Semi Devil, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain and Duke of Mt.Deer.

My dad is a big fan of Carmen Lee and Demi God and Semi Devil 96 and Return of Condor Heroes 95. He really likes Duke of Mt.Deer 1984 with Tony Leung and Andy Lau and Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1985. He also likes Lui Shi Shi and Bu Bu Jing Xin, and the Korean Drama Temptation of Wife.

My mom recommended me Chor Lau Heung and Heroic Legend of Yang Family. My mom’s a fan of Flora Chan, Moses Chan, Kate Tsui, and Song Hye Kyo. She is a fan of Korean Drama Full House and Emergency Couple.

My aunt is a big fan of State of Divinity and Legend of Condor Heroes novel. She recommended me God of Honour and those mythical series. My aunt’s a big fan of fantasy mythical series. My aunt favorite actress is Gigi Lai and Esther Kwan.

My parents watches Korean, Taiwanese and Mainland Wuxia, and TVB Series.

My aunt watches Korean, TVB, Taiwanese Ancient Series, and Vietnamese Dramas.

Yeah without my parents, I wouldn’t know about Wuxia.

And shoutout to my Wuxia Buddies Jerome and Wuxia Rocks, and SPCNET. for also growing up with lots of Wuxia and TVB Series, though I used to also discuss about Wuxia Series with various fans.

Some of my favorite Wuxia blogs I recommend.

-A Virtual Voyage




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