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Treasure Venture episode 27 recap

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In the restaurant where Yu Lung first met Jian Ping, Ruo Han and Jian Ping met Yiniang. Yiniang fought with Ruo Han. Jian Ping stopped her and said Ruo Han is Xiao Long’s brother. Ruo Han showed his flower tattoo on his neck. Xiao Long joked to Ruo Han if he can have his status of an older brother. Wu Ma told Ruo Han and Jian Ping that the sedan chair belongs to Yu Lung to propose to Jian Ping. Jian Ping told her father that she and Ruo Han will always be together. Ruo Han promised Jian Ping’s father he will always love Jian Ping even if she becomes sick and crippled. Jian Ping’s father told Wu Ma he plans to let Ruo Han and Jian Ping marry but there’s one thing he isn’t satisfy with is finding the third key. Eunuch suggests Yu Lung to kill Ruo Han since he possess the third key. Eunuch came to Jian Ping’s house and asked Wu Ma to let him look at the fake keys. Eunuch Cao gave the key to Jian Ping’s father and asked him if the key is real or fake. Jian Ping’s father looked at the key and claimed it is real. Eunuch Cao asked Ruo Han to explain. Ruo Han said Wu Ma is from the Japanese sect. It wasn’t a coincidence he met Jian Ping’s mother and father in the grave eighteen years ago. Eunuch Cao told Yiniang that Wu Ma is only using her love to find the third key. Jian Ping refuses to admit Wu Ma is from the Japanese sect. Wu Ma told Jian Ping that he used his power to punch her mother, which is why Eunuch Cao recognized his move is from the Japanese sect. He brought the body of Jian Ping’s mother to Prince Chen. Prince Chen poisoned Wu Ma. Wu Ma killed Prince Chen. After Wu Ma left Prince Chen, he tried to save Jian Ping’s mother but it was too late. Wu Ma asked Jian Ping to kill him. Jian Ping cried and asked Wu Ma not to force her. Wu Ma called Jian Ping a coward. Wu Ma slapped Jian Ping and asked her to kill him. Wu Ma grabbed Jian Ping’s neck. Jian Ping said it is a bless to die under his arm. Jian Ping told wu Ma he is like a mother to her. Jian Ping said she can’t be an assassin and she must be a heroine. She believes her mother doesn’t want anyone to revenge for her which is why she didn’t tell about Wu Ma. Jian Ping said she must be a her heroine like her mother and forgives other. Wu Ma bids farewell to Jian Ping.

Ruo Han told Yu Lung he believes in Wu Ma and Jian Ping. Yu Lung asked Ruo Han if he trusts him. Ruo Han said he believes Yu Lung is a gentleman. Yu Lung told Ruo Han he envies him. Ruo Han told Ruo Han he envies him pursuing Jian Ping till the end. Yu Lung told Ruo Han his feeling for Jian Ping is always sad and happy. Yu Lung said he wants to feel lonely like him so Jian Ping can notice him but Jian Ping will never notice him. Yu Lung told Ruo Han his appearance cause him to lose. Yu Lung told Ruo Han he can die for Jian Ping. Ruo Han told Yu Lung if Jian Ping isn’t here, they would be good friends. Yu Lung told Ruo Han that his gentleman personality makes it hard for him to hate.

Jian Ping told Yu Lung she hopes Ruo Han will never forget his promise of living with her for a lifetime. Even if he has only one day to live, she will still be with him. Yu Lung asked Jian Ping if he can save and bring Ruo Han to the medical doctors in the palace, would she agree to be with him. Jian Ping told Yu Lung she can marry him but she can’t forget Ruo Han. Yu Lung asked Jian Ping if he ever loved him. Jian Ping said she did feel touched by him. If she knew he was the second prince, would she break the engagement. Jian Ping said she would not leave him but she will prove she doesn’t like being dependent on men. Yu Lung said he made a wrong move not telling about his identity earlier causing her to meet Ruo Han. Yu Lung tries to rape Jian Ping. Jian Ping pushed Yu Lung away. Yu Lung asked Jian Ping to kill him. Yu Long said “I really want to die right now”. Yu Lung said he will come to to the palace and try his best to save Ruo Han.

Yiniang asked Wu Ma if Eunuch Cao is framing him. Wu Ma told Yiniang he has been conning her without her knowing. Yiniang told Wu Ma she likes being con by him. Yiniang told Wuma even if she dies she also have to follow him. Jian Ping’s father showed Jian Ping a map.

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