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Madam White Snake 2001 episode 5 recap

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❤ Vincent Jiao, Christopher Lee, Fann Wong, and Zhang Yu Yan. This is another Wuxia Series with my favorite casts I enjoy recapping besides Ru Lai Shen Zhang.


The White Snake paid Xu Xian as her servant and said she’s now his boss and he has to listen to her. Xu Xian told the White Snake that Xu Xian was very elite when he was a child but gambling ruined his life. The White Snake believes that Xu Xian is smart and if he works hard he can be successful. Xu Xian read novels and accidentally bump into the library and the books fell down. The White Snake told Xu Xian’s servant that Xu Xian will learn to be more responsible by doing chores. The White Snake asked Xu Xian what he read. Xu Xian mumbles. The white snake ordered Xu Xian to study or else all he’ll have for dinner is plain rice. The white snake told Xu Xian if he wants to quit he has to be able to fight her. The white snake punched Xu Xian. Xu Xian read and fell asleep. Xu Xian told the white snake he’s not meant to study. The white snake told Xu Xian he’s a lazy bum who doesn’t try.

The lady boss in the brothel told Bai Shi Chang that the green snake left after her face has a scar. Jun Bao brought food for the green snake. The green snake cried and said she got kicked out of the brothel after her face has a scar. Jun Bao told the green snake though her face has a scar, she got to leave the brothel and be freed. Some gang came and ordered the green snake to leave the town right now. By the lake, the green snake wiped Jun Bao’s face. The green snake wash her face with the water from the lake and Jun Bao noticed the scar disappeared. The green snake asked Jun Bao to clean his feet in the lake and they’ve been healed. The green snake thanked the god. Jun Bao took the green snake to the temple to be a nun. The green snake told Jun Bao she rather serves those men at the brothel than being a nun.


Jun Bao walked in the market and saw the white snake and said the silvers she gave him were stolen from bandits and caused him to be a prisoner. Jun Bao searched for the green snake in the house. The white snake told Jun Bao he will ask the magistrate about it and she claimed she’s friend with the green snake. The white snake possessed the magistrate’s daughter body and talk to the magistrate’s wife. The white snake asked Bai Shi Chang’s wife if she remember the time when she was jealous of her daughter. Flashbacks of the white snake saved Bai Suzhenin the haunted house and used her body. The white snake told the Bai Shi Chang’s wife she doesn’t have to tell the green snake to leave the town. Bai Shi Chang’s wife asked the white snake when did she ever tell the green snake to leave the town. It is a rumor. The white snake told Jun Bao she thinks that the gang was sent by the lady boss to make the green snake leave since she’s afraid the white snake’s father will sue her. The green snake gave Jun Bao a good luck charm.


The little boy angel massaged the green snake. The green snake is happy to see Jun Bao though she haven’t won his heart. Jun Bao beat up the servant and went in the magistrate’s wife’s house. Jun Bao said his parents died and he was raised in the temple. The magistrate’s wife asked her servant to spy on Jun Bao. The green snake asked Jun Bao to look at her in the eyes. The white snake blinked but her power didn’t work on Jun Bao.

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