Many Wuxia Series but so little time

There are so many old Wuxia Series I can find but not enough time to watch or blog. I only take my time to recap Wuxia Series I think are the best of the best in my personal opinion. Despite there are many Wuxia Series available, there’s not enough Wuxia bloggers out there.

At least I watched the first episode of Sword of Outlaw. Not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this blog or how much more Wuxia Series I’ll recap.

I’m currently almost done with the Treasure Venture and Moon Fairy recaps. In midway of Twin of Brothers and started first few episodes of Madam White snake 2001. Been putting Misty Love in the Palace and Magical Needle on hold due to lack of time.

Not sure if I will recap or watch:

-Legend of Dagger Li 1999 starring Vincent Jiao and Alyssa Chia.

-Seven Swordmen starring Vincent Zhao and Ada Choi

-Smart Kid starring Dicky Cheung and Li Bing Bing

-The Black Sabre

-Mysteries of Twin Sword

-The romance of the white hair maiden 1994

You know there are many and countless of Wuxia Series available but not enough bloggers nor time to blog.

I mostly recap old Wuxia Series cause I prefer watching it in Viet dubbed than eng subs. And old Wuxia Series were the golden era of Wuxia where there were so many Wuxia being produced. Nowadays there’s still new Wuxia Series but there are too many CGI and it’s not the same feel as the old days. I’m personally not a huge fan of Fantasy Wuxia Series using lots of CGI. Overall I recap old Wuxia Series cause it makes me feel nostalgic where back then I can watch almost every Wuxia Series being released without being selective.


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