Sword of the Outlaw episode 2 recap

I’m not familiar with this drama nor the casts. But this drama is a drama I stumbled on and got hooked when watching it. It doesn’t have english sub but I want you guys to know about it so I took the challenge and recapping it. Wuxia Series are a lot harder for me to recap than modern dramas but I always recap it cause I love it and want to share the series I love.



The monk distributes food to the people. The majesty tried the congee and told his eunuch that the congee tastes pretty good. He gets to eat the food of the commoners. The commoners begged Yan Zhuiyun to stay with them. Yan Zhuiyun said they can follow the monk, cause he’s busy with another mission. The monk fought with Xiao Qian. Fengyi (Li Bing Bing) appears as a lady disguised into a male, fought with some guards. Another lady (Tien Hsin) visit her father whom is a magistrate and is crippled. Some sect surrounded the magistrate to rob him. A bodyguard came to arrest the sect leader for robbing. He said it’s the forty fourth time he robbed. The bodyguard told the magistrate that a magistrate’s house has been attacked by a sect and forty thousands people died. The bodyguard warned the magistrate to be careful of another sect attacking him. A magistrate told another magistrate that there’s a person Xiao Qian whom rewarded the evil and punished the good. They need to gather more troop to fight the evil sect. A sect came and wanted to take the magistrate’s daughter away to sell her. Xiao Qian came and negotiated with the sect leader. Xiao Qian told the magistrate’s daughter if she wants to live, she has to kill some of those slaves. The magistrate’s daughter refused. Xiao Qian left. Yan Zhuiyun critique some paintings with a magistrate. Yan Zhuiyun talks about some scholars who care for their future and work hard to help the government. Yan Zhuiyun said beautiful girls can’t help other cause they only have the looks. A lady played the harp. Yan Zhuiyun told the monk he’s a xia whom don’t want to interfere with the government affairs. A sect asked a blinded man to lead him to another sect. Fengyi flirted with some girls and eavesdrop on a sect.


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