HK-Korean Drama Expression

Love Bond episode 11 recap

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Michael looked at the shining stars on the wall and thought of Anne. Natalie asked Michael how come he didn’t persuade Anne to stay. Michael said love is not as simple as she thinks. He is not destined to be with her. He has to respect her decision. Michael took the stickers down. Moses told Michael he has to throw away Anne stuff to forget her. It’s up to his feelings to forget her. Bernice ate her father’s congee and found it too plain. Bernice’s father’s boss gave Bernice’s father a resignation letter. A maid gave Bernice’s father a flower and an english letter. Kenix asked Fred to stay at home hanging out with their father. Paul cooked congee for Bernice, Kenix, and Fred. Fred went with his father to the library. Fred gave his father a newspaper and went into the bus to hang out with his friends.

Natalie whined that Oscar ate her chocolates. Michael explains to Natalie that there are some stuff that can’t be forced. Moses took Stephen to buy dating books. June sat on Moses’s chair and fell down. Moses replaces June working in Michael’s flower store. Kenix sat next to a woman whom coughed. Moses asked Kenix to switch places with him. Kenix and Moses accused the woman of molesting Moses. Moses told the woman to not talk so loud on the phone and cover her mouth when she cough. June gave Moses more work to do at work. Natalie announced to his family that she decided to drop out of the college since it’s too hard for her. Michael yelled at Natalie. Natalie cried. Michal talked to Natalie’s professor to let Natalie return to college. Michael told Natalie he dropped out of high school to work and raise her and his brothers but she dropped out of college. Natalie told Michael he is careless for not thinking of her feelings.


The landlord told Paul if he his free he can keep him busy instead of chatting with the clerk and gossip about her. Paul told the landlord she didn’t take off the old news of the building. She can’t just pick on others. Kenix is surprised that Moses know so much about tea. Moses carried the umbrella for Kenix during the rain. Bernice asked Kenix if she has any feelings for Moses for helping her. Moses went to Kenix’s teahouse during the storm and helped her fix the teahouse. The window broke, lights are out, and Moses bumped into Kenix.

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