Sword of the Outlaw episode 3 recap

Yan Zhuiyun meet up with an elder master and asked him about the fight between the sects and his sect ten years ago. The master told him that no one will tell him in this wuxia world. The elder master told Yan Zhuiyun there were two sects that always resolve problems between different sects. Something strange happened, people died one by one from a sect. The assassins from the sect wanted to kill other sects to rule the world. The leader of assassins died and the sect was taken over by another sect. The sect went in chaos. Other sects wanted to rebel against the sect. Some sect leaders told Zhaniyun that the sect leader didn’t want to hand out the manuel. Fengyi claimed she’s the sect leader and fought with the sect leaders. Yan Zhuiyun took Fengyi in the forest. Yan Zhuiyun asked Fengyi where did she learned the martial arts. Fengyi fought with Yan Zhuiyun. Dan Dan told the people to tell the sect leaders to fight with her for rewards. Fengyi went in the lady boss’s house and teased the lady who is tied up on the chair. The monk asked Yan Zhuiyun if he wanted to help the sect because he fell for the master’s daughter. Fengyi ate and drank with the master’s daughter. The master’s daughter said everyone has something they longed in life. As long as they have it then it will be enough. Fengyi said her father used to practice martial art all day, she was bored so she went to the mountain. She peeked at her father and now she is a skilled martial artist which is what she has. Her father got angry and didn’t want her to learn martial art. He’ll said he’ll find someone stronger to take care of her. The master’s daughter told Fengyi she is thrilled to meet her but don’t know how long they will be able to chat. The bodyguard told Fengyi’s servant to take care. A sect leader confronted another sect leader for causing his father to die. The two sect leaders saw an elder lady grieved about her son’s death. The sect leader read the letter of Xiao Qians killing the good but reward the evil. Xiao Qian attacked the master’s daugther, but Dan Dan defended the moves.



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