Love Bond episode 12 recap


Kenix stared at the doctor putting stitches on Mose’s body. Bernice asked Kenix if she feel touched by Moses. Kenix agrees to date Mose. Mose put his arm around Kenix and promised to bring her happiness. Moses eat peanuts and chat with Michael. June asked Edmond to let Moses be in charge of the warehouse. Michael saw photographers taking photos on Natalie on the street as a model. Michael scold Natalie. Natalie asked Michael why wouldn’t he let her choose her own path. He’s her big brother, it doesn’t mean he ‘s right.


The landlord put a sign not allowing the clerk to chat with Kenix’s father. At the restaurant, the landlord saw his son eating dessert with his girlfriend. The landlord complained about her son’s girlfriend. Bernice told the landlord that his son won’t date that girl because he is dating her. The landlord showed Michael a magazine cover of him and his sister. Michael yelled at Natalie. Michael heard June told Edmond that Natalie being a model isn’t a bad thing. Michael went to the model company and asked him about the fee and the training. Natalie apologized to Michael. It’s not that she doesn’t want to fulfill her parents wishes, but she isn’t motivated to study. Michael showed Natalie some flyers of model companies.


Kenix’s father couldn’t sleep. Kenix and Bernice research some info about sleep apnea. Kenix and Bernice took their father to the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asked Kenix’s father if he’s depressed after retiring from his job. Kenix and Bernice told their father they are worried he has anxiety. Kenix’s father told Kenix and Bernice he fooled them so they can take him out. Kenix’s father hung out with Kenix and Bernice. Moses gave Kenix a bouquet of flowers. Moses told Kenix that his scar on the forehead is their beginning. Moses watches a scary movie with Kenix in the movie theater. Paul saw Kenix kissing Moses and blurted. Paul told Moses he is a good man but he’s worried of Kenix being with him because of his career as a construction worker. Moses promised Paul he will work hard for Kenix.


Michael discuses with Edmond and June to let Moses work for their flower shop. Moses rejects Michael’s offer. Michael told Moses since he is his brother, he would like to hire him to work for him. Michael and Moses eat buns together from the food stall.


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