Sword of the Outlaw episode 4 recap

This is a drama I’m enjoying watching at the moment.

Yan Zhuiyun fought with Xiao Qian. Fengyi took the master’s daughter away. Fengyi fought with an assassin. Yan Zhuiyun held Fengyi in his arm. Fengyi and Zhuiyun fought with the assassin. The assassin asked Fengyi how come she has the protecting jacket. The assassin left. A sect leader confronted the master of losing his jade. Fengyi waits for Zhuiyun to come to her in the grass. Xiao Qian’s sect told the master if he wants to live, he has to turn evil. The master asked his servant to kill him and become evil to live. The servants told the master that he can become evil to help the good. The majesty tasted a duck soup of a female stall’s owner and said he will buy her store. The eunuch asked his goddaughter to rest, he has tasks to give her. The master found his servant’s son sneaked in his house. The servant’s son begged his father to let him become evil to live. The servant’s son came up to the master’s daughter and asked him to leave with him. The servant’s son pointed a sword at the master’s daughter. The master’s daughter said that if he forced her to be with him then he becomes evil. If he stop being careless and think of others, he is nice. The servant’s son left and said they will see how evil he can be. A sect leader asked Zhuiyun to go ahead and kill him to revenge. Zhuiyun siad he wants settle the conflicts; he’s not here to kill. The sect leader said he left the martial art world cause he doesn’t want to make anymore mistake. He must kill him. The master’s daughter played the harp. Zhuiyun listened to the melody. Zhuiyun asked the master’s daughter if her father is gone.




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