Sword of the Outlaw episode 5 recap

Yan Zhuiyun told Fengyi he would like to stay with her to find Xiao Qian. Fengyi grabbed a man behind her for trying to pocket her. A man stole Fengyi stuff and Fengyi demanded him to return it. Fengyi threw some objects at the thief and he caught it. Fengyi promised the man when she’ll come back when she has the power to grab it back. The man fought with Fengyi, he froze her. Fengyi recognized the thief as a sect leader. Yan Zhuiyun unfroze Fengyi and fought with the sect leader. Zhuiyun asked Fengyi a question about how she learn her martial arts from his sect. The eunuch’s goddaughter doubts about some general loyalty to her. Fengyi took two sword away from some soldiers. Fengyi ordered the soldier to admit their guilt of accusing her sect. Zhuiyun told Fengyi he still find there are some secrets unrevealed between the two sects. Fengyi wants to go with Zhuiyun in the martial art organization. Fengyi took Zhuiyun to the martial art festival and bumped into a sect leader. In the organization, Fengyi suggests the sects to collaborate together to defeat Xiao Qian’s sect. Fengyi told the sects she would like to be the host of the martial art organization. Fengyi asked the thief to teach her his martial arts. The lady boss from the food stall owner becomes the majesty’s concubine and the majesty played with her. The majesty reopened the magistrate’s case. The majesty’s eunuch bowed in front of the majesty and said he’s being framed by the magistrate and accused the magistrates of wanting to control him.




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