Sword of the Outlaw episode 6 recap

The concubine told the majesty she got an idea of using strong jade to push the other strong jade and there’s a chance one will break. The majesty thought about using his strong armies to put down the rebel’s armies. Fengyi told Zhuiyun that if he becomes the leader of the sect, it will be helpful for him to investigate the past feud between his sect and Xiao Qian’s sect. The bodyguard warned Fengyi to not make anymore troubles. Fengyi got mad and hoped that Zhuiyun will chase her and cheer her up.


The bodyguard warned the sects to not make troubles in the martial art organization. The bodyguard said his mission is to arrest the evil sect. The bodyguards asked the sect leader if the world or the martial art world is larger. The bodyguard asked the sect leader if helping other people or gaining martial art status is more important. The bodyguard said what he’s doing is to protect the people. The bodyguard asked the sect leader if they are heroes why would they care about the title of being the strongest in the martial world. Zhuiyun agrees with the bodyguard’s view about martial art leaders needs to have the will to help others. The bodyguard showed a sword which belongs to a sect leader whom got killed for his silvers. He arrested some martial art leaders whom kill others for fame. He hopes some of the martial art leaders would unite with him to fight the evil sect.


Fengyi peeked at a sect leader showing a poisonous sword to thief whom being tied up in a chair, in the deserted house. The thief disclosed that the manuel is on Xiao Qian’s hands. Fengyi told them the background of the manuel. A hundred years ago, the good and evil fought thousand of battles with each other, in the evil sect, there was a genius martial art leader whom experiment the strong martial art skills from different sects and recruit members to learn it. He created seven types of martial arts and put in two manuels. Not long after his sect was form, he disappeared and no one knows where’s the manuels. The thief said he heard another news that the martial art in the manuel caused others to turn crazy so he didn’t practice it. Zhuiyun anxious about Fengyi being in danger, he left the martial art organization and went searching for her. The martial art leader told Fengyi he will kill her so no one will know where the manuel is. The martial art leader put a pill in the thief’s mouth. Fengyi and the thief got tied up, Fengyi asked the thief to continue telling his story of the manuel. After the manuel disappeared , Zhuiyun’s sect disappeared. He’s not sure about the feud between Xiao Qian’s sect and Zhuiyun’s sect but he did see Xiao Qian’s sect had the manuel. He heard about a commoner who kept the sword without knowing martial arts. The thief told Fengyi he’s never seen someone so happy like her before dying. Then he saw plenty of martial artists in the house but he only wanted the sword. He hid in a place and planned to steal the sword. On the street, Zhuiyun saw a sect member dressed in a black suit sitting on the top of the roof.


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