Sword of the Outlaw episode 7 recap


The thief told Fengyi he then saw a dark shadow coming toward him, Xiao Qian’s master has a powerful martial arts. The thief said the manuel dropped. Xiao Qian’s master killed a sect leader.

The bodyguard fought with a sect leader on the martial art organization. The sect leader let the bodyguard be the new leader of the sect. The bodyguard asked Zhuiyan stay to deal with Xiao Qian’s sect. The bodyguards and the sect leaders discuss and make a plan to trap Xiao Qian’s sect. The sect leader told the thief he’s planning to follow Xiao Qian to snatch the manuel. The bodyguard show the sect leaders a bottle of poisonous worms to use when they are in danger. Zhuiyun asked the bodyguard if using the worms is too evil. Zhuiyun asked the bodyguard if he believes is kind heart will ruin his plan. The bodyguard and Zhuiyun listened to the sound of the harp played by the master’s daughter. The master’s daughter brought wine to the bodyguard and Zhuiyun during the full moon; she asked them to take care. The bodyguard told Zhuiyun he can tell that the master’s daughter has a crush on him. Zhuiyun told the bodyguard he can tell he likes her. The sect leader gave the thief a wine and chicken and laughed. The thief pretends to fall asleep and wake up. The sect leader tried to rape Fengyi. The thief came and demanded the sect leader for the concoction. Fengyi put poison on the sect leader. Xiao Qian announced the news for her master to the sect leaders. A sect leader knocked Xiao Qian down. Xiao Qian’s master evilly laughed and arrived toward the sect.


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