Yan Hua San Yue episode 6 and 7 recap

Si Zhen got out Ao Bai’s niece’s bed and told Ao Bai she is a consort. Si Zhen told Ao Bai that Rong Rue must accomplish his mission that the majesty gave him. She caused many troubles since she just want to live a day longer. Si Zhen listened to the Rong Rue’s flute melody and said Rong Rue is a good man but she shouldn’t have fallen for him. From now on she won’t meet him again. She asked Rong Rue’s father to take good care of Rong Rue. Ao Bai’s niece told her Ao Bai she wants to hang out with Si Zhen. Ao Bai asked Rong Rue’s father how come there’s always a lady coming out when his family is in danger. Si Zhen asked Ao Bai’s niece how did she make Ao Bai happy. Ao Bai’s nice said she just commented his mustache is pretty. Rong Rue’s father told Rong Rue if he wants to revenge, he has to befriend his enemy. Rong Rue’s father gave his servant a sword to kill himself if Rong Rue leaves this house. Si Zhen left Ao Bai’s nice during the night.


Kangxi ordered the magistrates to line up. Kangxi said he’ll let go of what they did in the past. Rong Rue received a letter from the majesty to meet him. Kangxi confronted Ao Bai of barging in Mingzhu’s house. Mingzhu said the magistrate went in house to arrest someone under the Empress Dowager’s order but he wouldn’t say who. Mingzhu said he found the case is not simple when two officials enter his house. Ao Bai took him to his house. Then he saw Si Zhen in Ao Bai’s nice’s room. He doesn’t dare staring at Consort Kong Si Zhen. Ao Bai said his niece told good things about Si Zhen which changed his mind of arresting her. The majesty asked Ao Bai what did his niece said. Ao Bai said his nice said his mustache is pretty.


Rong Ruo looked at the calligraphy nd played his flute. Mingzhu told Ao Bai a story of a poor man whom is able to catch a snake using his hands. He asked him to be careful of his hands. Kangxi told Empress Dowager that at the court, Ao Bai didn’t dare to talk to him. He now feels a bit like an emperor now. The Empress Dowager stared at Kangxi and said his father, the previous emperor isn’t a good emperor as him. Ao Bai ordered his guard to attack a magistrate. Ao Bai told the magistrate he was testing his guard’s ability. Rong Rue dressed up his his wedding suit.

Ao Bai’s guard killed a magistrate and frame him of being a rebel. Ao Bai blocked the majesty’s way on the road and framed a consort for rebel. Mingzhu told Empress Dowager that Ao Bai wanted to get rid of the consort because she will be crowned the queen. Ao Bai also wanted to show his power in front of the emperor. Empress Dowager said since the Emperor spared Mingzhu, Ao Bai used those scheme. Mingzhu suggests to protect the magistrate and the consort’s family to put down Ao Bai’s power. Mingzhu gave Ao Bai’s niece the jade of Si Zhen.

It’s Rong Ruo and Ao Bai’s nice wedding day. Si Zhen looked at the rain and teared up thinking of Rong Rue. Rong Ruo ran away in the sedan chair and arrived to Si Zhen’s place. Si Zhen covered herself using a black veil. Si Zhen told Rong Ruoe she promised Ao Bai’s niece not to see him again. They owe Ao Bai’s niece. Rong Rue begged Si Zhen to let him see her face. Rong Rue hugged Si Zhen and said they promised they would be always be together. Si Zhen told Rong Rue besides him, she doesn’t want anything else. He’ll go anywhere she goes. Ao Bai demanded Mingzhu to tell where Rong Rue is. Si Zhen knocked Rong Rue down with a teapot and cried and hugged him and said she only wants him. Ao Bai’s niece opened the veil and told Ao Bai that Rong Rue went to the temple to pray for her illness. Ao Bai pointed a sword at Ming Zhu. Kangxi threw the cup of tea and asked him how dare he kill an official in front of him. Si Zhen brought Rong Rue’s body to Ao Bai’s niece. Ao Bai stepped on Rong Rue. Si Zhen told Rong Rue and Ao Bai’s niece she has to return to the previous emperor’s grave. Si Zhen gave Ao Bai’s niece a pearl necklace and said she and Rong Rue are fated to be with each other. Rong Rue told Kangxi when he first met Si Zhen in the grave, he feels poor for her. After he separated with Si Zhen, he realized he missed her a lot. Though they can’t be with each other, they think about each other in their hearts. They are willing to be punished together for their wrongdoings. Si Zhen cried and asked Kangxi to spare Rong Rue. Ao Bai tried to stab Si Zhen but her niece took the stab. Si Zhen asked the emperor to let Ao Bai’s niece wed Rong Rue.



Empress Dowager asked Si Zhen how she should punish her. Si Zhen suggests to let her go back to her tomb, or let the empress dowager kill her in front of the crowd, or let her suicide. Empress Dowager asked Si Zhen if she really wants to die because she doesn’t want Rong Rue to suffer. Kangxi stared at the consort in the cellar. Rong Rue read the consort letter and discuss with Kangxi how to throwover Ao Bai. The majesty said he feels uncomfortable for not being able to protect Rong Rue’s family.



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      Thanks. I put the screencaps in the collage to save space and it does make it look clearer. 🙂

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