Lady Sour episode 8 recap

Him’s father showed Jade a document to marry her. Jade stamped her fingerprints on the letter. Alice told her father that Jade is a jinx since she’s been married three times. Alice said Jade is an gambler. Him’s father promised the granny he won’t give money to Jade. Alice asked Myolie to be pregnant to keep her status. Eliza brought a basket of pineapple for Him. Eliza managed to persuade Him not to be angry at Myolie. Him gave Myolie a pillow that Eliza made, and she got mad. Eliza bowed in front of Alice and the granny and said she would like to be a nun at the temple and pray for their family. Myolie told Alice it is normal for her to be jealous since every woman love their husband. The granny gave Myolie an option of either convince Eliza to stay or she goes back to her hometown after Eliza leave. Myolie told Eliza she did not do anything wrong, she won’t bet her to stay.


At the spa, Myolie teared up and told Ron she worked hard to be in Him’s family but they treated her badly. Him never took her side. Koni touched Eliza’s hands and said she and Him make a cute couple. The servant spilled dessert on Koni. Alice ordered Myolie to wipe it. This series teaches you that you have to be strong and defend yourself or you’ll be pick on. Alice ordered Myolie to get a brush. Myolie saw Koni tuck the brush in her sleve and she pull and fell on the vase. Koni threw out the brush on the floor and let Myolie check her body.


Eliza dressed up in elegant clothing and served food for Myolie. Myolie feels ashamed. Eliza told Myolie she will dressed up in her men’s clothe since it feels more comfortable. Him overheard and yelled at Myolie thinking she told Eliza to dress up in men’s clothing. Myolie and Him argue with each other. Myolie complained that she’s been bullied by his family. Him told Myolie she always make a small matter into a big deal. She wouldn’t allow Eliza to dress in her girly self. Him woke up and read Eliza’s farewell letter. Myolie fees guilty of being jealous of Eliza. Ron said a well loved maid is hard for the wife. Myolie said she’s afraid to lose Him. Ron said Jade is his only sister so she loves her. Him and Eliza watches the stars. Him touches Eliza’s hands. Him slept with Eliza. Myolie’s mother suggests Myolie to hang out leave home longer so Him will miss her. Myolie’s eye twitched and she got nervous. The servants wouldn’t allow Myolie to enter the house. Eliza is getting ready to marry Him. Myolie saw the red lanterns and assume Him and Eliza are married. Myolie barged in the wedding ceremony and scold Him and his family. Him admits he slept with Eliza. Eliza kneel and agrees to abide to Myolie’s rule. Him’s father got angry and asked Him to take off his gown. The granny shouted to keep the wedding gown on.



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