Twin of Brothers episode 32 recap

Joel told Waise he finds Raymond unreliable and think he will revenge him later. Waise said he still need to use Raymond to win his land. The princess drew a chess board on the sand at the beach for Waise. The waves melted the sand away. Waise and Christine watch the sunrise together. Nancy freed the slaves and asked them to leave the cave hoping they will obey her. Raymond’s girl friend Sok Ne and her uncle ate and chat with the king. Raymond’s girl friend ate danced with the majesty. The prince told Sok Ne’s uncle they would be delighted to have her being with their father. Sok Ne told his uncle she will make sure Tavia’s brother be the royal prince since Tavia caused Raymond to break up with her. Sok Ne said Raymond forced her to use this tactic. Ron and Leila saw a bunch of squirrels by two pillows in the woods. Ron and his friends saw the elder monk praying and disappear. Sok Ne nd perform her dances in font of the majesty. Tavia watches the dance performance and wanted to talk to her father, the majesty. When Tavia told a news, Sok Ne fell. Sok Ne’s uncle told Sok Ne her plan is working but he hopes she thinks carefully about it. Tavia drinks tea with Sok Ne. Tavia suggests Sok Ne to let the majesty adopt her as a goddaughter. Tavia told Sok Neshe has many other guys to choose. Tavia warned Sok Ne to beware of the princes. Sok Ne told the majesty that Tavia doesn’t seem to like her hanging out with him. The majesty took Sok Ne to the temple praying in front of the queen.



Raymond drinks and leaned on Li Qian and asked her not to leave him. Raymond told Li Qian he fought the land for her. Raymond asked Li Qian to marry him. Li Qian told Raymond she has a feeling he is joking though he’s drunk. Li Qian deny going on a trip with Tavia’s brother. Li Qian wants to return home alone but Tavia’s brother wants to give her a ride. Li Qian saw Raymond sleeping in front of her house. Raymond fought over Li Qian and said he wants to go wit her. Li Qian told Raymond she is not sure if he is sincere. Li Qian left with Tavia’s brother. Li Qian’s father greets Li Qian. Li Qian cooked crab for her father. Li Qian’s brother asked Li Qian about her relationship with Raymond. Li Qian nitpick on Raymond changing hearts.Tavia’s brother told his father that Raymond has many girlfriends. Li Qian’s father practice his sword fight.



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