No Eye in the Sky in eng sub

It looks like sites only have Raw versions of TVB Series this year. I doubted if TVB will stop having eng subs since some of the sites I frequently went stop posting it. Still fingers crossing they will have Eye in the Sky in eng sub but it looks like it won’t have. But I will continue blogging other dramas besides HK Dramas. There’s still Wuxia Series and perhaps some kdramas I want to recap.

For TVB Bloggers, Blogger Lynne from TVB Horizon, Teddieburr from TVB A Way of Thinking, and I are Vietnamese. Looks like we can’t watch anymore new tvb series in eng sub. But there will always be KTVB and Funn from Jaynestars to recap new tvb series. 🙂

Well I’m not really upset cause I have other stuff to watch besides tvb series these days. In other words you can say I can survive without tvb series cause I’ve been skipping a bunch.

I will still try to keep this blog running by blogging about other asians dramas.

❤ Jac.


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