Twin of Brothers episode 33 recap

Li Qian blames her brother for badmouthing Raymond to their father. Li Qian’s father told Li Qian her relationship with Raymond often changes, sometimes they fight but sometimes they care for each other. Li Qian said she left Raymond to test his love. Li Qian asked her brother to prevent Raymond to come here. Raymond greets Li Qian’s father. Li Qian’s father told Raymond if he wants to see Li Qian, he has to pass by his dagger. Raymond fought with Li Qian’s father. Raymond got hurt. Li Qian’s father give Raymond three days to beat him. Li Qian stared at Raymond sadly. Li Qian brought food, blankets, and umbrella and asked her brother to give it to Raymond, but Li Qian’s father ate the crab meal. Li Qian’s brother showed Raymond some martial art movies. Li Qian came and told Raymond she hopes he dies under her father’s hand. Li Qian told Raymond some movies to deal with her father. Li Qian’s father and Raymond fought with each other. Li Qian’s father is surprised how much Raymond could defend his move. The slippers fell down and Raymond grab it and lost to Li Qian’s father. Li Qian’s father asked Raymond why would he rather take the slipper than keep his life. Raymond said the slippers is the first gift he bought for Li Qian. Li Qian cried his father and asked him if he killed Raymond. Raymond asked Li Qian to see Raymond for the last time. Li Qian cried and asked Raymond why does he have to leave her. Li Qian’s father asked Li Qian he thought she wanted him dead. Li Qian said he doesn’t hate Raymond, though he used Sok Ne, he rather go against Sok Ne to be with her. Raymond woke up. Li Qian’s father laughed and asked why would he kill his daughter’s lover. Li Qian’s father told his son that he was testing Raymond’s love. Raymond held Li Qian by the flower petals tree. Raymond gave the slippers for Raymond.


Sok Ne’s father asked Sok Ne if she is happy being with the majesty. Sok Ne told her father she only cares about revenge to make her happy. The majesty marries Sok Ne. As Tavia gave Sok Ne a cup of wine, Sok Ne told the majesty she got a headache. Tavia upset and worried that Sok Ne may cause trouble.

Waise told the princess she continued to play chess with him because she likes him. Waise told the princess he doesn’t need to have the land, he only needs her by his side. Waise asked the princess to kill him to revenge for her sister. Waise pushed the sword toward his body. The princess left. Ron and Leila drank water from the stream and got poisoned. Derek tied up Ron and Leila and demanded for the diamond. Derek fought with himself and gave the medicine to Ron and Leila. Derek meets with Leila and and Ron and Leila’s master. Nancy peeked at Ron and Derek chatting. Nancy brought a turkey for Ron. Nancy warned Ron that Derek is not trustworthy.



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