Love Bond episode 13 recap

Sometimes I get overwhelmed recapping Wuxia Series, I’m in the mood of recapping a relaxing family comedy. 🙂

Moses, Michael, and Edmond walked on the way to work. Kenix’s father asked Michael for a job offer. Michael told Kenix’s father to rest and enjoy his retirement. Moses want to take care of the business management in the flower shop. Oscar and Natalie ate Wasabi ice cream. Michael told June he cooked another dessert. The landlord’s son brought Kenix’s father some magazines about fishing. Bernice asked the landlord’s son to go fishing with her father. In the elevator, the landlord nitpick on his son going fishing without telling her. Kenix’s father visited Kenix’s teahouse and want to help. Kenix showed Moses her plan of the day.



June looked at the brand cream and wanted to use. Natalie snatched her cream back. Oscar told June those cream won’t fit for the ladies with wrinkles. June told Natalie that she must be careful of using those cream or she’ll have allergies.Moses teased June that she must buy some cream for Michael and him during her business trip. During dinner, June got mad that Edmond wouldn’t defend her. Edmond told June he doesn’t know how to, and she is always so talkative but can’t even beat Moses. Michael asked Moses why does he keep picking on June. Moses told Michael because June keep on picking on him. Moses told Michael he does know June work hard for Edmond but he will have to pick on her one more time hehe. Moses suggest Edmond to go on a trip with June. Michael told Edmond that Moses wasn’t picking on June, he was always joking. Moses said if he doesn’t tease June, he wouldn’t be able to show his willpower.


Bernice asked Fred to stay taking care of his father while she and the landlord’s son eat at the seafood restaurant. The elevator’s lights are off when Bernice and the landlord’s son stay. There’s rats; Bernice screamed and asked the landlord’s son to stomp it. The landlord blames the security guards of having rats biting on the electricity cord. The security guards told the landlord it was her fault not catching the rats. Kenix suggests her father to register to be the new landlord. Bernice gave the landlord’s so a new shirt as a gift.

Michael saw Akina arguing with a plumber for putting a hose on the street. Michael grabbed Akina when she fell.Michael invite his siblings to dine together this saturday night but everyone’s busy. Natalie gathered with her brothers and said this saturday is the first anniversary of Michael and Anne dating. Oscar suggests to let Michael get used to being alone. Akina took model pictures for Natalie. Natalie told her colleague that Michael is from the US and is a chef which is why he raised them so well. Natalie saw her colleague Tina being single, she and Moses thought of the idea of hooking Natalie’s colleague with Michael. Akina, who is Kenix’s ex colleague sat and Michael’s table in the restaurant. She saw Kenix and was friendly to her and Moses. Akina suggests Tina to eat her hot soup slowly. Michael chat with Akina about a chef cooking stinky tofu causing the kitchen to smell. Michael asked Natalie not to hook him up with another girl next time. Michael looked at the stars and thought about Anne.



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