Twin of Brothers episode 34 recap

Nancy asked Ron if he finds it suspicious everytime he tries to find the diamond, Derek appears. Leila and her friends visit the elderly monk in the temple with Derek. Leila and her friends search for the frog statue. Leila’s master prayed in front of the buddhist and saw the green light shining under it and she held the frog statue. She saw an illusion of herself falling. Leila’s master got shocked and dropped the frog statue.

The princess wonder why she felt hurt inside after stabbing Waise. Waise said “Because you love me”. Waise hugged the princess and said he want to live with her forever. Waise kissed the princess; the princess fainted. Joel consoled Waise and said perhaps when he becomes king, the princess will wake up.

Raymond played tag with Li Qian in the garden and held her. Raymond cheers and ate with Li Qian’s father and brother. Li Qian’s father showed Raymond his antiques and asked him to choose one. Raymond told Li Qian’s father he will battle against Char Siew. Li Qian’s brother told Li Qian that Raymond is leading the troops and getting ready to go to war against Tavia and Char Siew. After Raymond wins this battle, he will marry her. Li Qian asked Raymond if he is using her to use her father’s troop to defeat Char Siew. Raymond told Li Qian he truly loves her. Li Qian told Raymond “I am really anxious, I’m not sure if I should trust you”. Raymond asked Li Qian to give him a chance. Li Qian asked Raymond to promise her not to lie to her. Raymond kiss Li Qian and promise he will return safely.


Char Siew looked at the seal happily and plans to give it to Tavia after winning this battle. Waise told Raymond he doesn’t need to gather so much troop to battle against Char Siew. Raymond and his troops blocked Wilson and the doctor’s daughter and their troops. Waise and Joel’s troops blocked Char Siew and his troops. Waise challenged Char Siew to a duel. Waise beat Char Siew and asked him to bow in front of him. Waise asked Char Siew if he knows what he did wrong, he stole Raymond’s lover. Waise left with his troop. Char Siew yelled at Raymond but Raymond has no idea what’s going on. Raymond asked the general to leave with Char Siew and their troops. Someone shot an arrow at Char Siew from the back and Char Siew died. Raymond read a letter from Waise and got mad.



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