Treasure Venture episode 28 recap

There’s no more new HK Dramas in english sub nor viet dub but I got other dramas to recap. 🙂

Note: Recapping Wuxia takes a lot more work than recapping modern dramas.

Jian Ping’s father explained to Jian Ping about the secret of the three keys and how to open the tomb. He hopes she succeed opening the tomb to get the manuel. Ruo Han’s master told Bai Rue Xue he believes if Ruo Han dies sooner, she will be more focused on her mission. Yu Lung believes Jian Ping’s father will persuade Jian Ping to be by him. Jian Ping’s father bowed in front of Yu Lung and asked him to help Jian Ping to open the tomb. Jian Ping gave the eunuch a box of the marriage letter between Ruo Han and Jian Ping. Eunuch Cao ordered Ruo Han to persuade Jian Ping to marry Yu Lung. Eunuch Cao picked up the box and showed Ruo Han the marriage letter and said Jian Ping’s father will kill himself for Ruo Han and Jian Ping’s happiness. Eunuch Cao told Ruo Han if Jian Ping doesn’t marry Yu Lung then she will be beheaded for not following the majesty’s order. Ruo Han cried and said he can’t tell her lover to marry someone else. Ruo Han wrote a divorce letter to Jian Ping and said once she lives with Yu Lung, she will understand Yu Lung is more suited for her. He understand she feels very hurt but he feels even more hurt. Ruo Han asked Jian Ping to act like they’ve never met each other.


Eunuch Cao looked at Ruo Han and laughed evilly and stab him. Eunuch Cao told Ruo Han it’s time for him to die, and he tricked him times and times again. Eunuch Cao asked Ruo Han why did he rescued him. Their childhood background are similar. He had a gambling father who ate his brother. In the end, he couldn’t save his brother. Eunuch Cao said he escaped but got knocked by someone and being thrown in the sea. Yu Lung rescued him. Enuch Cao thought Ruo Han wold be loyal to Prince Chen but rebel against him after meeting Jian Ping. Ruo Han said have the same background but Eunuch Cao lives for revenge while he lives for love. Eunuch asked Ruo Han he is feeling hurt, does he not want to die. Ruo Han asked Eunuch Cao how could he think if he kill him, he wouldn’t have vengeance over him. Ruo Han said Eunuch Cao is the most vicious creature, how could he change his destiny. Eunuch Cao then grab on Ruo Han’s head. Ruo Han asked Eunuch Cao to go ahead and kill him so he can see if his brother is as evil. Jian Ping called Ruo Han’s name and hugged Ruo Han and asked him not to die. Jian Ping picked up Ruo Han dropped him. Blossoms fell. Yu Lung arrived and showed Jian Ping a bottle of medication. Jian Ping searched for Ruo Han but only saw his flute. Jian Ping held Ruo Han’s jade.


Xiao Long upset about his brother Ruo Han died. Bai Rue Xue froze Wuma on the street. Yiniang got mad waiting for Wuma. Ruo Han’s master asked Wuma if he thinks the petal are pretty for him to cut. Wuma told Ruo Han’s master that Yiniang is not as pretty as the Japanese ladies. Ruo Han’s master unfroze Wuma and asked him to leave. Wuma told Yinaing if she wants to be with him she has to endure his bad habits. Wuma went to the brothel. Wu Ma kissed the prostitute and said she has a good scent unlike Yiniang who smells. A lady’s boyfriend wouldn’t let the lady be a prostitute for money. Wuma gave the lady’s boyfriend some money. Wuma gambled at the gambling house. Yiniang followed the gamblers and gave Wuma a bottle of wine.



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