Madam White Snake 2001 episode 6 recap

Recapping this drama though I’m sleepy and tired. I really need to take a nap after this. 🙂

Been watching Moon Fairy and Madame White Snake. I noticed they have some correlation. In Moon Fairy, the jade rabbit is a female, in this Madam White Snake the jade rabbit is a male.

The green snake blinked and managed to use her power but lots of bugs crawling. The green snake and Jun Bao visited the old lady’s house and saw Fann. The white snake invited the green snake and Jun Bao to her house. The green snake told the white snake he hung out with Jun Bao to protect him. The green snake said the gods is attracted to her, the jade rabbit got hurt. The jade emperor wouldn’t believe her and sent her and the jade rabbit on the earth to repent their mistake. The green snake said Jun Bao is the jade rabbit. The green snake told the white snake Xu Xian and she are gods reincarnated to the earth. Jun Bao told the green snake he doesn’t understand how Xu Xian was willing to live with the green snake. The magistrate’s wife ordered a man to keep spying on Jun Bao. The white snake possessed the magistrate’s daughter and asked the magistrate’s wife about Jun Bao. The white snake told the green snake that the magistrate’s wife seems interested in Jun Bao. The white snake said Jun Bao will become a good monk.


The white snake barged in the bathroom and saw Xu Xian taking a bath instead of studying. The white snake asked Xu Xian to recite the novel. The white snake asked Xu Xian how could he pass the scholar exam if he keeps on procrastinating in his studies. The white snake took out a pack of silvers and asked Xu Xian and his servant to write poems in two days. Whoever wins will earn the silvers.

The little boy fairy leads the green snake to Jun Bao. Jun Bao sells bottle of water from the river thinking it healed his scar. The green snake poured water on a customer’s crippled leg and showed that he’s healed. Xu Xian seriously study the poems. The magistrate’s wife gave Jun Bao a cheque of one thousand and asked him to leave with the green snake. The little boy fairy blew some power while the magistrate’s wife is sleeping. He asked her not to forget to dream.

The white snake reads both Xu Xian and his servant calligraphy and praised Xu Xian’s servant of making few grammar mistakes. Xu Xian got mad and tore the papers. Xu Xian’s servant told Xu Xian he didn’t thought of beating him but he just tried his best in his writing.


A fly flew in the magistrate’s wife’s mouth and craved for water. The little boy fairy ordered the magistrate’s wife to sleep and keep on dreaming. The white snake saw Xu Xian touching the blossoms and she called him useless and only know how to gamble and play with the petals. The white snake held and axe and about to chop the plum blossom tree. Xu Xian cried and called his mother seeing the white snake chopped the blossom tree. Xu Xian’s servant told the white snake that the plum blossom belongs to Xu Xian’s mother. Xu Xian used to sit by it and listened to her mother storytelling. One day Xu Xian gambled, and her mother died from cancer. He hopes that his mother will possess the plum blossom and listen to him talking. The magistrate’s mother stayed in coma and had a dream of herself putting her son, which has a crescent mark on his left arm, by the tree and knocked down her husband.



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