Legend of Master Chai episode 1 recap

This series starts with gods hanging around in the heaven. Erlangshen’s dog eat other god’s meal. Joey kicked the dog and put a potion on Noel and ordered her to rescue the dog but Joey mistaken given the love pottion. Joey and Noel are being punished to the earth to repent their mistakes. Erlang Shen used his power on Joey’s head. Two babies Timmy and Joey was sent into two pregnant women’s bellies. The doctor congratulates the father of giving birth to two kids, one is kind and one is evil. Earthquakes shaken after one of the mothers ave birth to Joey. One of the mothers found gold after giving birth to Timmy.


Ten years later. Joey grew up to be dumb while Noel grew up to be ugly. Joey pulled the ball away from a servant’s daughter Noel and accidentally threw it on the candle. The gold got burnt. Another ten years later, Timmy encouraged Joey to win the different contests. Joel fought with an old man. Timmy threw silvers on Joey causing the the old man to fall and Joel won the fight. Timmy threw the tanghulu and asked Joey to catch it. Joel bumped into his father while catching the tanghulu. Joey replied “I don’t know.” when his father interrogate who let him hang out in the street. Joey attended the lantern festivals with his family. Players fought with each other. Timmy flew and beat up the players on the tower and grabbed the lantern. Timmy got stuck and threw the lantern at Joey. Players chased Joey. Joey grabbed the lantern and ran and had a flashback memories of when he was a god. Joey fell down and the lantern broke. The players accused Joey of bringing bad luck since the lantern is broken. Timmy deals with the players to pay for their medical expenses.

Timmy suggests his father to not let Joey to come out the house. Joey’s mother bicker with Timmy’s bother for wanting to throw the bowl of water on Joey to sway out the bad luck. Joey remembered ten years ago he promised to meet Noel at the lantern festival. People beat up Joey and pushed him on the sea. Noel picked up vegetables and saw Joey on the sea. Joey searched for Noel calling her name. Noel heard Joey called her name and they recognized each other holding the ball. Joey ate a big bowl of rice; Noel and his father was surprised Joey couldn’t response in full sentences. Noel’s father bumped into Joey’s father. Joey’s father nitpicked on Noel’s father of being poor and gave him some golds. Noel’s father sent Joey’s father a ransom letter of five hunred thousand taels in exchange for Joey. The next day, Noel’s father sent a letter to Joey’s father to send one million taels on the mountain. In the rain, Joey saw Noel picked up fishes on the street.



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