Legend of Master Chai episode 2 recap

I’m rewatching this nice TVB ancient comedy from the 90s. 🙂

Timmy picked up the fish for Noel. Timmy yelled at his servant for interrupting him and Noel. Joey walked on the top of the roof looking for his mother. Joey fell down the roof in an aquarium. Joey’s father and unclesaw Joey. Joey called Noel’s father. Noel’s father got arrested by Timmy for kidnapping. The magistrate sentenced Noel’s father to jail for thirty years. Joey served green tea for his father but tripped by a banana split. Joey saw fire on the candle at the ancestor’s room and got scared. Joey bumped into the tables and the fire burned the brand billboard. Joey’s father got mad and gave Joey’s mother some money and asked her to leave with Joey.


Joey’s mother went with Joey and searched for a shelter. Joey slept in the temple and saw a god talking to him and freaked out. Joey’s mother prayed in front of the Buddhist to not harm Joey anymore. Some bandits demanded Joey and his mother some golds. Joey’s mother asked Joey to watch the play with his hat on. Joey’s mother returned home and demanded Timmy’s mother some gold. Timmy’s uncle nitpick on Joey to Joey’s mom that Joey only knows how to play. Timmy’s mother and uncle in law told Timmy that since Joey is the first born son of his father, she’s worried that someday he’ll managed the store. Timmy told his father that he bet with his friend on Joey that Joey will win the contest. Timmy’s mother and uncle asked Timmy to spend time searching for a wife instead of playing with Joey. Joey walked on the street looking for his mother. Noel yelled at Joey for causing her father to be in jail. People beat up Joey on the street. Noel laughed at first then looked back and left with Joey. Noel visited his father in jail and brought some plain buns. Noel’s father whined about being whipped. Joey’s mother found Joey on the street. Noel offer Joey and her mother to stay in her house.

Timmy’s mother showed Timmy some paintings of the ladies. Timmy looked at the painting of Noel.Timmy’s uncle beat up Cherie’s mother for owing a gambling debt. Cherie beat up Timmy’s uncle. Timmy fought with Cherie. Timmy’s guards took Cherie away. Timmy’s uncle about to rape Cherie in the warehouse. Cherie screamed. Timmy’s mother arrived and asked Cherie some questions. Timmy’s mother stared at Cherie and believes Cherie will be a good wife to Timmy. Timmy’s mother ordered Cherie to serve Timmy from now on.


Noel and Joey went to the court to clear her father’s trial. Noel saw the king’s uncle walked into the sedan chair. A guard asked Noel to write a case letter and send it to the magistrate. Noel gave a magistrate some taels and beg him to help her write a case letter to help her father. Joey sat on the street and beg people for money. A magistrate arrested Joey and other poor people for blocking people’s way. Joey picked up some water from the stream to help Noel wash her face.



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