Legend of Master Chai episode 3 recap

This series is about the legend of the crazy monk Ji Gong. It’s a funny tvb ancient fantasy comedy. ❤ and I dig the magic bowl and the fantasy. 🙂

Noel burnt chicken for Joey. Noel told Joey is lazy so she had to learn to take care of herself unlike him who has servants. Joey looked at Noel scar and compliment it is pretty like a star. Noel told Joey "If anyone thinks like you then I won't have to be scared of walking on the street showing my ugly face". Joey told Noel that being pretty or dumb doesn't matter as long as you have a kind heart; it doesn't matter what others think. Noel told Joey he is the only one besides her father that doesn't make fun of her looking bad. Noel and Joey chased a thief for stealing her money. The monk and the god watch Noel and Joey on the mirror and the god said Erlang Shen won't forgive Joey until his anger is out. Timmy heard Noel's voice and followed the bandit to the mountain Joey fought with the bandit on the mountain and fell down the hill and fainted. Timmy saw Joey and fought with the bandits. The monk worried for Joey and fought with the gods. Joey's soul walked out but the monk pushed the soul back in.


Joey wakes up and saw his monk friend and ran. The monk told Joey that when he was a monk, so many goddess for fall him, now so many gods are making fun of him. The monk uses his power on Joey to regain his memory. Flowers bloomed. Joey fainted. Timmy fought with the bandits in the bandit’s house. The bandits released Noel. Noel searched for Joey. Timmy looked at Noel’s full face and got scared by her moles on the left half of her face. Noel grieved that only Joel complimented her face. Joey starts to speak in full sentences to his monk friend. The monk showed Joey how to use his power. Joey transformed into an eagle and and search for his mom. Joey pooped on a rude kid. Joey sat on the his grave and saw his father forbids his mother bury him by his place. The monk picked up Joey and transformed him back into human. Joey transformed into a dog and chased Timmy’s mother and barked. Joey asked his monk friend if he should be mad when Timmy’s parents bullied his mother.

Joey transformed into the king’s uncle and the monk transformed into his bodyguard arriving in the town and arrested the bad kids. Joey and the monk visited Timmy and his parents. Joey told Timmy’s parents that their house environment provides bad luck to the empress dowager. Joey checked his mother’s room and demanded Timmy’s father to ask his mother to return home to bring good luck. Timmy argued with Joey objectively and believes he has another motive. Joey ordered Timmy’s father to use an elegant sedan chair to greet his mother’s home. Joey told Noel that he ordered to the guards to release his father. In the restaurant, Timmy’s father begged Joey’s mother to return home. Joey asked Timmy’s father to bow in front of his mother to show he’s trying hard. The monk asked Joey to transformed into himself. Joey visited his mother. Joey’s mother is happy seeing Joey becomes smart and can speak in full sentences. Joey and his mother sat on the sedan chair. the monk ordered Timmy’s parents and uncle to carry the sedan chair. The monk transformed into the king’s uncle and visited Timmy’s house and said Joey and his magic bowl saved his life so he adopted him as a godson. Joey’s mother refused to stay in the house. Timmy’s mother served tea for Joey’s mother. Joey demanded Timmy’s mother to follow his mother’s order as a second wife. The monk said he’ll let the bodyguard stay in the house to take care of Joey and his mother. Joey showed his mother a magic bowl and took out a bowl of ramen and some fabrics. Timmy’s parents eavesdrop at Timmy take a bunch of goodies out from a gold. Timmy and his parents discuss to steal the magic bowl. Cherie hid in the closet and is fascinated with the magic bowl.



3 thoughts on “Legend of Master Chai episode 3 recap

    • Yeah am really enjoy recapping it. Every episode is exciting. Though not every series in the 90s are worth rewatching, this one is worth it. It’s like a new series cause I forgot the whole storyline but ❤ Noel and Joey.

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