Sword of the Outlaw episode 10 recap

❤ this Wuxia Series!

Xiao Qian told Zhuiyun no one can be trusted. Xiao Qian's master took a sect leader away from the prison. The sect member begged Xiao Qian's master to spare his life since he couldn't kill Zhuiyun. The sect leader called his member a coward and they fought with each other. The sect leader killed his member. Xiao Qian's master told the sect leader if he can kill Zhuiyun he will give him the manuel. Fengyi stared at Zhuiyun fighting with the sect leader. Zhuiyun defeated the sect leader. Xiao Qian's master disclosed to Zhuiyun that the punched he just used was a step from the manuel. Xiao Qian's master told Zhuiyun if he wants to kill him, he needs to learn his martial art from the manuel and kill those evil sect.


The sect leader told the master’s daughter that Zhuiyun became the disciple of Xiao Qian’s master. Xiao Qian’s master told Zhuiyun if he doesn’t have a choice then stay with him. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian’s master he knows he’s not a bad guy but he’s evil because his background is so complicated. Zhuiyun understands cause he is in the same situation and often being misunderstood by others. His master framed him and killed his whole family. Zhuiyun suggests Xiao Qian’s master to persuade the government to help him. Xiao Qian’s master asked Zhuiyun “Who in this world isn’t selfish? Who isn’t greedy?”. “Some claimed they are good sect leader but soon they will betray others for their own goods”. Zhuiyun believes as long as the people have conscience, they can change. Xiao Qian’s master said no one can change except their hatred. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian he can’t stand Xiao Qian’s master killing the master’s daughter’s family. Xiao Qian’s master told Zhuiyun if he doesn’t have the will to kill people, he will never avenge for his family. Xiao Qian’s master asked Zhuiyun he got infected by a poison and needs to succeed practicing the martial arts from the manuel to heal. Xiao Qian’s master told Zhuiyun he doesn’t want him to die so soon cause he wants him to be his successor.

Fengyi teased Zhuiyun that Xiao Qian’s master seems to treat him good. Zhuiyun called Fengyi by her name and asked her to unfroze him. The master’s daughter played the harp. The magistrate and the sect leaders guard themselves from Xiao Qian’s master during the night. Xiao Qian stepped on a sect leader. Xiao Qian’s master beat up the sect leader and the bodyguard. Xiao Qian’s master told the magistrate he does charity for another motive. Xiao Qian’s master asked the magistrate if he’s actually kind or is he evil. Zhuiyun attacked Xiao Qian’s master and got hurt and said “I won’t let you kill the magistrate and his family”. Xiao Qian’s master told Zhuiyun “Then I’ll kill you then”. Fengyi fought with Xiao Qian’s master and they got injured. The sect tried to kill Xiao Qian’s master. Zhuiyun took Xiao Qian’s master away. Before Xiao Qian’s master died, he told Zhuiyun he only have the second manuel but not the first one. He already transferred all his martial arts to Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun needs to find the first manuel and practice it to gain the full martial art skills. Xiao Qian’s master asked Xiao Qian to protect Zhuiyun Xiao Qian’s master passed out. Zhuiyun practice his martial arts and has a goal of revenge all the sect who kill his family. The sects and guards surrounded Zhuiyun, Fengyi, and Xiao Qian and demanded for the manuel. They fought with each other. Zhuiyun used his power on the sects and said he won’t spare them if anything happens to Fengyi. The bodyguard told the magistrate that he saw a skilled martial artists whom protected his family, and his skill is even more powerful than Xiao Qian’s master.



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