Legend of Master Chai episode 4 recap

Joey dressed up to see Noel. The monk tries to prevent Joey from hanging out with Noel since gods can’t fall in love. Joey transformed the monk into a bucket of water. Some servants threw the bucket in the well. Cherie sneaked in the brothel and told the bandits about the magic bowl. The monk warned Joey that Timmy will warm him but Joey doesn’t believe it. The monk nitpick on Noel being too poor and ugly for Joey. Noel cried and ran. Timmy’s father brought bird nest soup for Joey’s mother. Timmy’s father pretends to ache his back and grabbed the magic bowl. Joey came and took the magic bowl back. Joey’s mother told Joey it was the first time Timmy’s father is so nice to her. Timmy complained that the monk has been watching him. Joey took Timmy to the brothel. Some masters came to the brothel. Joey asked the master to let him see his fan. Joey asked the master if he threw his fan, would he pick it up. The master asked Joey “How dare you?”. Joey threw the fans out of the room. The masters pick up the fan. Timmy ate the meat and threw up. Timmy got mad at Joey thinking he’s playing him. Timmy fought with Joey and left. The monk grabbed Joey and said Timmy wouldn’t eat the meat because it was dog meat and Timmy is Erlang Shen’s dog reincarnation. Joey asked the monk not to bother him anymore. Timmy told his uncle he doesn’t understand how Joey could become smart and knows martial art so fast. The monk beat up the Buddhist sculpture and asked him for help. Joey brought presents to Noel’s home. Noel yelled at Joey having heard from the monk that he looked down on her for being poor. Noel’s father asked Noel to let Joey wait for her outside to show his faithfulness.


Cherie’s brother, the leader of the bandit asked his members not to kill the innocent. A member told Cherie’s brother that he saw his mother eating buns on the street. The leader of the bandits asked two of his member to search for his mother. Joey left and stood by the block waiting for Noel to search for him. Cherie’s mother asked Joey to take him to his house. Joey whispered to Noel and asked her to take Cherie’s mother to the court. Cherie’s mother grabbed Noel. Cherie put in a sleeping powder on the servant’s food and threw the firecracker. Timmy picked up the meat and asked his parents not to eat since there’s poison. Cherie and the bandits came to the dining room and demanded Timmy and his family to hand out all the golds. Timmy fought with the bandits. Joey’s mother held the magic bowl and ran. Cherie and the bandits chased Joey’s mother. Joey’s mother fell down and the magic bowl rolled over by the wall. Someone took the magic bowl. Cherie and the bandits pointed a sword at Joey’s mother and demanded her to tell where’s the magic bowl. Joey transformed into Cherie’s mother with the magic bowl and came up to Cherie. Cherie and the bandits left.


Timmy’s uncle hid in the barrow and showed Timmy’s parents the magic bowl. Timmy’s parents tried to take treasures out of the magic bowl but nothing came out. Joel took out some treasures from the magic bowl for the bandits. Cherie’s brother took a crab out of the magic bowl. Joel laughed and said it’s karma for letting his clumsy mother wandering around in the street and letting Cherie be a spy. Joey called the bandits stupid. Cherie took Joey to the bathroom. Cherie asked Joey to take a bath. Joey told Cherie he will take a bath in condition she takes a bath first. As Cherie undresses herself, Joey tries to sneak out of the bathroom but Cherie came. Joey transformed into a bandit and Cherie chased him. Joel transformed into Cherie’s brother. Cherie asked Joey if he saw the bandit, if he meet him then punch him for her for peeking at her and her mother taking a bath. Joey asked Cherie to go to another path to search for the bandit. Cherie’s mother came. Joey called Cherie mother “Old lady where’s the girl that walked with you?”. Cherie mother yelled at Joey “How dare you call your mother old lady? I knew the girl that walked with me was a constables so I locked her up in the cellar”. Joey transformed into the bandit and demanded Cherie’s brother to return the magic bowl to him. Joey ran and hid behind the rock and transformed into himself. Cherie and his brother fought with the bandit. Joey laughed and watch the bandits fighting over the magic bow. The magic bowl broke.

Joey came to the cellar and rescued Noel abut Cherie’s mother pushed down the trap and the fell down a hill. Joey create finger puppet in the shadow to Cherie. Joey asked Noel to look at the comet. Noel sighed that she wishes everyday on the shooting stars that her mole will disappear but her wishes never came true. A shooting star appear. Noel made a wish to fly in the sky with Joey. Joey asked Noel to close her eyes. Joey flew in the sky with Noel. They stared at the stars while sitting on the tree. Joey told Noel that a pretty girl like her deserves to have her wish come true. Noel asked Joey if he would always be with her if anything bad happens to her. Joey said “Definitely!”. Noel told Joey she believes him when he said fairies exist.



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