Legend of Master Chai episode 5 recap

Noel looked at her face in the stream and got upset her mole isn’t gone. Joey held Noel’s hands and asked her to look at him, “No matter what happened I will always be with you”. An elderly couple gossiped about Noel’s unattractive looks. The husband said if he was Noel, he rather die. Joel scold the couple for being nosy. Noel avoid starring at Joey. Noel told his father that Joey rescued her last night from the bandits. Noel’s father pushed Noel to Joey and asked them to get married. Noel’s father asked Noel if she loves Joey. Joey’s mother asked Joey if he loves Noel. The monk practices his transforming power. Joey spread fish on his face and sell fish with Noel. Some customers made fun of Joey’s face. Joey beat the customers and demanded him to apologized to Noel. Joey announced that Noel is his wife and he will not spare anyone who picks on her. Joey told Noel that no one will be able to separate them. The monk chased Joey and said he objects to their marriage. Joey and Noel ran and fell down the stream. Noel’s mole disappeared. Joey hugged Noel. The monk uses his power on Joey and Joey recalled everything in heaven. Joey deny to believe what he saw. The monk told Joey that he’s a monk and can’t get married to the goddess. Joey asked the monk not to follow him anymore. Joey got a headache and ran to the temple. Joey yelled to the monks that he refused to be a monk. If they want to be monk then do it. Joey ran to the mountain and found Noel and refuse to separate with Noel and promised to always be with her.


Noel’s father stared at Noel’s beautiful face and deal with Joey to pay him more money for their wedding. Timmy’s parents and uncle thought hard how to use the magic bowl. Timmy’s uncle took Timmy to the temple for fun. Timmy stared at Noel. Timmy happily returned home and told his mother he’s fallen for Noel. She is beautiful like flowers. Timmy’s mother told Timmy that Noel is getting married to Joey. Noel’s father demanded Joey’s parents to pay more gold for the wedding. Timmy invited Noel to a house. Noel watches the dancers performing. Timmy told Noel the first time he met her, he has fallen for her. He can give her this house. Joey isn’t good enough for her. Noel told Timmy that he was a jerk to her when he saw her ugly mole while Joey always loved her. Joey told Timmy he won’t blame him but he can find a pretty girl for him. Timmy asked Joey what quality does he have to be with Noel. Timmy got mad and left. Joey’s mother asked Joey if he noticed that everytime Timmy get mad, he always act like a crazy dog. Joey recalled how the monk told him that Timmy is a reincarnation of Erlang Shen’s dog. A painter painted Noel and Joey. Joey bought apples and looked sad. An elder monk told Joey that he is a monk.


Joey’s uncle blamed a servant for stealing the magic bowl. Cherie and hER brother watch the magic bowl. Timmy’s parents asked Joey to demonstrate take out the treasures out the bowl. Joey took the bowl in side the room and said the magic bowl broke but he took out the golds. The monk sighed about being stuck in the earth. Cherie’s mother consoled the monk and sighed about the economy is getting more tough. Cherie’s mother invited the monk to her house. Them monk told Cherie and her brother that Joey didn’t think of their brotherhood and kicked him out after meeting Noel. Cherie’s brother welcomes the monk. The monk told Cherie’s brother that the wedding date of Joey and Noel is the right time for them to steal the magic bowl.



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