Legend of Master Chai episode 6 recap

Fated to be with each other. Does fate exist? In this episode the two god gets married but a karma happened. It reminds me of Dragon Love where Fennie and Benny couldn’t get married because Fennie is a dragon.

The day before the wedding, Joey’s mother brushed Joey’s hair and gave him a pair of gold bracelet. Joey sneaked out of his room to meet Noel and he said he misses her. Joey recite a poem for Noel. Cherie and her brother kidnapped Noel and put a ransom letter and demanded one thousand golds. The monk asked the bandits to take the gold first. After they received the gold, he will hand over Noel to Joey. The monk put Noel on the wagon and left the house. Cherie chased the monk and yelled “Stop running you thief. Have you fallen for that girl?”. Cherie’s brother threw the firecracker but the monk didn’t come. Timmy and Joey fought with Cherie’s brother. Cherie and the monk pulled Noel back and forth and they all fell down the hill. Noel saw Joey and they hugged each other. Cherie reunited with her brother. Joey chased Cherie. Cherie yelled and Joey turned her into a rat and put her in his pocket. The monk chased Joey and told him he can’t marry Noel or else she’ll die. Joey punched the monk and asked him to leave. The monk asked Joey why does he fall for the goddess, Noel will be harmed. Joey told the monk he’ll only regret meeting him. Joey turned the monk into a rock and asked him to chill in the sun. In the wedding, Joey is thankful his family and Noel’s father. As Joey opened the veil for Noel, Noel died.


Joey ran and cried and search for the monk. A monk told Joey that he brought the rocks to the temple. Joey went to the temple and transformed the monk back to himself. Joey begged the monk to help him save Noel. The monk asked Joey if he owed him in his previous life. It is too late to save Noel. The monk gave Joey and advice to jump on the heaven to see if gods will help rescue Noel. Joey recalled everything and regain his memories. Joey greets the Little Cloud Sparrow. The Little Cloud Sparrow said she will reverse the time for him but to help Noel, he needs to try to make Noel refuse to marry him. He can’t tell her the truth or else she’ll die.

Joey went back to the time that Noel has been kidnapped. Joey turned Cherie back into herself. Cherie blackmailed Joey to transform gold to her or she’ll tell everyone he’s a god. Joey gave the bag of gold to Cherie’s brother and asked him to leave and live a peaceful life. Cherie and Noel fell down the hill again. Noel hugged Joey. Joey looked at the scent and it’s almost time. Joey told Noel they are not destined to be with each other or they’ll die. Joey asked Noel to tell him she will not marry him. Joey took Noel to the wedding banquet and threw the candles and said he will not marry Noel. Joey picked on Noel and said she smells. Joey made Noel tell him she won’t marry him. Noel cried and left. Cherie hugged Joey and said they had fun with each other. Joey hugged Cherie and told Noel he’s been tricking her and had an affair with Cherie and even caused her to be pregnant. Cherie asked Noel to quickly said she won’t marry Joey. Noel said “I’ll wish you guys happiness, I’ll marry anyone but will never marry you’. Joey placed his hands on his ear and cried. The Little Cloud Sparrow asked Joey to well behaved on the earth and he can only use his power three times and cannot reveal the truth or else he’ll be punished. Joey touched Noel’s face and bid farewell.


Cherie asked Joey to find her a good husband. Joey grabbed the monk’s leg and asked him what he should do from now on. Joey drank with the monk. The monk sang with Joey before they separate. Joey went to the temple and told the monks he’s Ji Gong. Joey chat with the elder monk and asked him how does he know he would come here. The elder monk asked Joey how can be become a buddhist. Noel cried in her room.



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