Twin of Brothers episode 35 recap

Tavia saw Cha Siu’s body and cried and asked why Raymond has to kill him. The general gave the seal to Tavia and said Cha Siu wanted to give to her after winning the war but it’s a pity what happened. Tavia told her brother though others picked on Cha Siu for being useless, but he is a hero in her mind. Leila told her friends there must be a reason that her master asked her to stop searching for the green jade frog. Nancy came and said it looks like the one who is most concerned with the green jade frog is Derek. Nancy said do not underestimate woman’s instinct. Nancy said Ron is kinda naive and does not know how to act sly as Leila’s master. Nancy went ahead of Derek and said she knows he wants to follow Leila’s master to find the green jade frog. Derek fought with Nancy. Nancy teased Derek of showing his evil personality and she left. Leila’s master prayed in front of the elder monk to find the green jade frog. The elder monk advised Leila’s master to let go of her grudges; when she dies it will be the beginning of another great world for her. Only her sacrifice of dying will teared up the jade frog. Leila’s master appointed Leila as the new sect leader. Leila’s master hope Leila will help accomplish her mother’s mission of restoring Savio’s power into good. Leila’s master asked Leila not to feel regret if she ever die under Savio’s sword. Leila’s master advised Ron not to fight with Tavia’s sect. Only people who made a huge sacrifice can use the green jade frog.

Derek told Savio that he found Leila’s master fishy and suspects Leila’s master knows where the green jade frog is but wouldn’t tell Leila. Yvonne asked Derek if there was such a news, why Nancy didn’t find out. Derek told Yvonne that Nancy is hiding this information and is willing to betray her for Ron. Savio asked Yvonne to investigate Nancy. Leila’s master asked Leila and he friends to leave. Leila’s master wait by the rock and fought with Savio. Savio punched Leila’s master and demanded for the green jade frog. Leila’s master told Savio that his biggest flaw is his dark heart. Leila’s master asked Savio to stop lying to himself. Leila’s master told Savio she is satisfy to give Leila the sect leader post before she dies. But she feels poor for him for being blind by his evil power. Leila hugged her master.Leila’s master reminds Leila to not search for the green jade frog and that revenge only leads to suffering. Leila’s master asked Leila to promise to not blame her father. At the funeral, Nancy told Leila that Leila’s master is stubborn but her stubbornness is being appreciated. Leila would like to accomplish her master’s mission of turning Savio’s evil power into good. Ron would like to search for the green jade frog to turn Raymond into good but Leila refused, to respect her master’s wishes. Raymond goes to war against Tavia’s brother and his sect. Ron stood in front of the temple and told Leila’s monk friend he would like to find the green jade frog to turn evil power into good.


Tavia feels something fishy about Waise leaving before Cha Siu being shot. Tavia asked the general to tell her about the fight between Raymond and Cha Siu. The general said Cha Siu criticized Raymond of picking on him and poisoned him. Raymond seems to have no clue and ordered him to leave with Cha Siu. When Cha Siu leave, Cha Siu was being shot. The general doubted that if Raymond wanted to kill Cha Siu, he could have done at the scene. Tavia said Raymond’s martial art is stronger than Cha Siu, it is easy for him to kill him, he doesn’t need to backstab. The general said he investigated that Waise have fought with Cha Siu before he met Raymond, and Waise beat up Cha Siu and asked him to beg. Waise said it was under Raymond’s order to revenge of stealing Tavia. Cha Siu thought Raymond wanted to revenge him out of jealousy so he attacked Raymond. Li Qian asked Tavia’s brother not to go to war with Raymond and perhaps it was a misunderstanding. Tavia is on her way to deal with Raymond to settle the conflicts.



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