Madam White Snake 2001 episode 7 recap

The little boy fairy told the green snake about the magistrate’s wife’s dream of her carrying a baby boy with a crescent on his arm. The green snake assumes that Jun Bao is the boy and said there will be a fun play to watch from now on. The White Snake watches Xu Xian grieving to his mother about his life, holding the plum blossom. Xu Xian wants to suicide by pushing the rope around his neck. Xu Xian felt hurt and begged The White Snake for help. Xu Xian told the white snake he doesn’t want to kill himself anymore. The white snake asked Xu Xian what he hates the most in this world. The white snake said he hates annoying followers like the white snake. The white snake asked Xu Xian to make a vow of marrying an annoying and mean wife and live with her forever if he breaks the promise. The green snake sent Jun Bao’s father soul and confessed to Jun Bao that he is his father. The green snake deals with Jun Bao’s father to help him but in condition he follows her orders. Jun Bao told the green snake he saw a ghost whom told him he is his father. Jun Bao told the magistrate’s wife he will leave the town and he gave her his money to guard. The White Snake laughed at Xu Xian for saying he is filial to his mother but gambled. The White Snake called Xu Xian a lazy bum. The white snake asked Xu Xian how could he care for his mother. If he die, how could he face his mother. Xu Xian cried. The White Snake apologized and told Xu Xian his mother loved him. The white snake showed Xu Xian a healthy plum blossom. Xu Xian promised the white snake he will change his bad habits.


Jun Bao went to the forest and found his father’s tombstone. Jun Bao visited his master in the temple. Jun Bao asked his master of how he found him. Jun Bao’s master said he found him by a hay and sent to his foster’s parents but they died. He seems to love the temple and wanted to be with him. Jun Bao’s master warned the green snake it’s not too late to go back, and she shouldn’t make use of Jun Bao anymore. The green snake fought with Jun Bao’s master. Jun Bao’s master turned the green snake on her true self. Jun Bao’s master locked Jun Bao and put talisman all over the wall and said he’s been used by the green snake and he’s locking him for his safety. The green snake ordered the little boy fairy to barge in the room from the roof and the spell broke. It’s raining, Jun Bao ran to a shelter. The green snake gave Jun Bao some clothes and cooked him some food. The green snake told Jun Bao that his master sent her some tea and told her to leave. Jun Bao saw his father telling him he died miserably and he must revenge for him and bring his corpse to Hangzhou.


The white snake made breakfast for Xu Xian. Xu Xian complimented the white snake’s biscuit and showed him the novel he’s been reading. Xu Xian got pissed he couldn’t memorize one poem. Xu Xian said he’s been reciting it for two days. Xu Xian knocked his head on the table. The white snake stack of manuel and the ink block on the table, and Xu Xian knocked on it and injured his forehead. Xu Xian’s servant poured some pig brain,beef brain, monkey brain, and goat brain soup for Xu Xian. Xu Xian’s servant said they are like soybean milk. Xu Xian ate the four soup and threw up. The white snake gave Xu Xian some pills for Xu Xian to drink.



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