Twin of Brothers episode 36 recap

Raymond sit and ponder why Tavia’s sect won’t trust him. Tavia came up to Raymond and asked him why did he kill Cha Siu from the back. Raymond denied and said it was Waise. Tavia pointed a sword on Raymond and demanded him to tell the reason. Li Qian and Tavia’s brother arrived with the troops. Raymond stabbed some soldiers. Tavia grabbed Raymond’s sword and pointed toward herself and asked Raymond to play along. Raymond ordered Tavia’s brother and the troops to back out. Raymond left with Tavia.Nancy grabbed the bowl of buns from Leila and want to bring it to Ron. Nancy asked Leila why wouldn’t she believe in Ron about the good of finding the green jade frog. Nancy asked Leila why does she always listen to her master and not have her own decision. Nancy asked Leila to not let anyone choose her own path. Leila believes her sacrifice to be with Ron will tear up the green jade frog. Leila entered the temple and held Ron’s hands while he pray in front of the budhist. Two servants ordered Nancy to return to see her master. Li Qian cried and upset about Tavia meeting Raymond. Raymond asked Tavia why did she helped him. Tavia told Raymond she believes he didn’t kill Cha Siu. Raymond said Tavia understands him the most. Tavia said too bad Raymond didn’t trust her before. Raymond said if it wasn’t such a small misunderstanding, they wouldn’t be in this state. If he believed in her, he wouldn’t have said those words to hurt her. Raymond said he doesn’t know if he still has a chance. Tavia looked at the beautiful stars.


Tavia’s brother leads with Li Qian searching for Raymond and Tavia. The green light shone as Ron and Leila keep on praying. Ron ache his stomach then held the green jade frog. Tavia told Raymond that Cha Siu loved her unconditionally and worked hard to go to war for her. Tavia cried and said she didn’t even have a chance to thank Cha Siu for what he did for her. Raymond promised Tavia he will kill Waise to revenge for Cha Siu. Li Qian and Tavia’s brother saw Raymond embracing Tavia. Li Qian cried and asked Tavia’s brother “Maybe this is the answer to the question I’m trying to find”. Tavia’s brother yelled at Raymond “Release my sister”, and he fought with Raymond. Raymond pointed a sword at Tavia’s brother. Tavia’s brother held the sword tightly and bled. Ron interfere and asked them to stop. Li Qian and Tavia asked them to spare each other. Raymond and Tavia’s brother back out. Li Qian sadly asked Tavia’s brother to leave with her. Raymond shouted “Why wouldn’t you guys trust me?”. Tavia told Raymond that knowing he didn’t kill Cha Siu is enough. Tavia said she doesn’t want to cause anymore misunderstanding and left. Ron told Raymond that his hands is injured is not as strong as Li Qian being heart broken. Ron asked Raymond if he knows why he almost killed Tavia’s brother earlier. Raymond told Ron that Tavia’s brother has a grudge on him thinking he killed Cha Siu, and thought he stole Li Qian from him. Ron said it is just an excuse, the main problem is the power of the carpet has affected Raymond’s behavior. Ron asked Raymond if he realizes the more he is angry, the more he uses his dark power. Ron suggests Raymond to use the green jade frog to clear up his evil power. Ron asked Raymond to have a duel with him to remove his dark power. Ron told Raymond he will lose all his power. Raymond angrily tried to kill Ron but then stopped. Raymond blames the green jade frog causing him to almost kill Ron. Leila told her friends she is planning to open an green jade frog organization to get rid of the evil martial art sects.


Savio greets the two princes. The prince asked Savio to help him get rid of this someone so he can be the royal prince. Savio told Derek he plans to use the princes then kill them and steal the throne. Tavia’s brother consoled Li Qian that it is understandable that Raymond cares for Tavia since Tavia lost Cha Siu. Tavia told Li Qian she met Raymond to find out if he killed Cha Siu. Li Qian asked Tavia if she has any proof. Li Qian told Tavia she trusts Raymond cause she still has feelings for him. Li Qian apologized to Tavia she doesn’t understand Raymond as much as she. Li Qian asked Tavia to be tell her honestly if she still has feelings for Raymond when they hugged each other. Li Qian gave Tavia an advice not to lie to herself.



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