Twin of Brothers episode 37 recap

Raymond chased Li Qian. Li Qian got mad and thought Raymond used her. Li Qian asked Raymond if he did have feelings for Tavia when he hugged her. The two maids followed Nancy under Yvonne’s order. Nancy wanted to get out of the cave and fought with the two maids. Yvonne used her power on Nancy. Yvonne yelled at Nancy for disobeying her order of staying in the cave and wants to find Ron to disclose her news. Yvonne confronted Nancy of hiding the fact that Ron and Leila found the green jade frog. Nancy admits she loves Ron. Nancy asked Yvonne if someone wants to separate her and Savio, would she obey. Nancy said Yvonne waited for Savio for twenty years, why can’t she. Yvonne kicked Nancy out of the sect. Nancy bowed in front of Yvonne and bid farewell. Tavia’s brother took Li Qian to watch the play.

Derek peeked at a sect murdering the previous majesty’s family under the two princes order. Tavia’s brother argued with the princes. Sok Ne gave the majesty a bowl of dessert and suggests the majesty to hurry up and nominate a crown prince. Derek threw the white papers and did a funeral for the previous majesty’s family. Derek vowed to revenge Savio for his ancestor’s death. The majesty announced to give his reign to the first prince. Li Qian asked Tavia’s brother to dinner to celebrate him being crowned. Tavia’s brother apologized to Li Qian that he disappointed her since the majesty gave the crown to his brother. Tavia’s brother sighed he gained many achievements but not the heart of the majesty. Tavia’s brother told Li Qian she didn’t see the two faces of the officials earlier. When he gets promoted, others will try to please him but when he went down, others look down on him. Tavia’s brother asked Li Qian to marry him. Li Qian hesitate and said it’s so rushed.


Raymond drinks alone sadly. Raymond told Tavia there are some stuff he can’t forget. Tavia asked Raymond to not see each other anymore to avoid hurting Li Qian. Li Qian eavesdrop at their conversation and left and cried in the forest. Raymond chased Li Qian and said he missed her. Li Qian asked Raymond not to be with her out of pity and she knows he always put Tavia first. Li Qian asked Raymond if she loves Tavia she should be with her. Li Qian said without him, there are still many guys whom love her. Li Qian returned the shoes to Raymond and left. Li Qian came up to Tavia’s brother if he truly loves her. Tavia’s brother swear he only has her in his heart.

Ron and Leila practice the martial arts. Derek gave a suggestion for Ron to lure Savio’s disciple in the temple and fight with him. Derek told Savio that he put poisons in Ron and Leila’s water. Savio and Yvonne arrived in front of the temple. Savio demanded Leila to give up the green jade frog. Savio fought with Ron and Leila in the temple. Yvonne and her sect fought with the monks outside of the temple. Ron and Leila tries to use the green jade frog to turn Savio from evil to good. Derek tries to snatch the green jade frog. Nancy fought with Derek and took off his mask. Nancy told Ron and Leila she suspected Derek works for Savio and Yvonne. Nancy said luckily she switched the poisonous wine. Derek fought with Nancy. Yvonne entered the temple and fought with Derek. As the monk dragged Leila out, Leila cried and watched her father fainted. Nancy begged Yvonne to spare Ron. Nancy told Ron and Leila that Derek’s true identity is the grandson of the previous majesty. Derek’s father was supposed to be given the rein but it was stolen by his uncle. Derek followed Savio’s order hoping Savio could help him restore his reign but unfortunately Savio is greedy and wants to be the majesty. Ron and Leila suggests Nancy joins them. Savio woke up in the woods and confused about his identity of an evil sect or a good father. Leila called her father.



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