Sword of the Outlaw episode 11 recap

❤ Li Bing Bing and Chen Kun

The master's daughter refused to believe Zhuiyun saved Xiao Qian's master for the manuel. The sect leader promised the master's daughter he won't harm Zhuiyun without investigating the truth. Zhuiyun took care of Fengyi. Fengyi asked Zhuiyun if he loves her. Zhuiyun told Fengyi he can't fall for any girl at the moment but when she went missing, he was worried about her. Zhuiyun told Fengyi he only likes the master's daughter as a friend. Zhuiyun's boy ache and ordered Fengyi to stay. Zhuiyun left in the woods and told Xiao Qian he manage to suck the enemy. Xiao Qian suggest Zhuiyun to kill the master's daughter's family.Fengyi got mad and sat on the woods plucking petals. The master's daughter drew a painting of Zhuiyun. The sect leaders watches the injured body of the victims in the woods. The sect leader asked Zhuiyun if he was the one who killed the victim. Zhuiyun said those victims killed others and framed his sect. The sects wanted to kill Zhuiyun. The monk defended for Zhuiyun and said Zhuiyun was poisoned by Xiao Qian's sect. The monk took Zhuiyun away. The master’s daughter pray for Zhuiyun. The sect leader asked the master’s daughter if she has any lover. The master’s daughter rejected the sect leader’s love for her. The master’s daughter admits she has fallen for someone. The sect leader knows it is Zhuiyun and told the master’s daughter he will wait for her. While watching the fireworks, the magistrate asked his daughter to forget Zhuiyun, and Zhuiyun has Fengyi by his side. The sect leader asked the magistrate’s daughter if she likes the fireworks on the sky. The sect leader said the fire on the sky is pretty but is only pretty in the end of the day and not during the day. The day would be more beautiful if she let the day pass smoothly and accept her fate.


Zhuiyun promised the monk he will never use the evil martial art from Xiao Qian’s master again. Zhuiyun said he rather eliminate his martial art than use it. Fengyi asked Zhuiyun what if the evil power control his good power. Zhuiyun asked Fengyi to help him suppress this power. Zhuiyun told Fengyi his power sympton has risen and he wants to meet the martial art sect leader. Fengyi told Zhuiyun she would like to go with him. Zhuiyun is worrying the sect leaders may hurt Fengyi. Fengyi promised Zhuiyun she will never leave him. Zhuiyun apologized to the sect leaders for killing his member. Zhuiyun stabs himself to repent his mistakes. Fengyi bowed in front of the monks and plead them to save Zhuiyun. The monks transfer energy to Zhuiyun. A sect stabbed the two monks from the back and they got injured. Xiao Qian accused the sect leader for backstabbing the monks to Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun meet with the sect leader and doubt who stole the manuel. Zhuiyun said whomever learn the martial art from the manuel with eventually die since the first manuel is missing. Fengyi told the monk he will leave town with Fengyi tomorrow.



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