Love Bond episode 14 recap

Akina brought Tiramisu for Michael and asked him to taste it. Akina visit Michael’s house and look around his kitchen. Michael gave the cake a score of seventy since there’s too much chocolate plus a score of twenty for her appreciation. Michael told Akina that sometimes it doesn’t matter if her family is near her as long as they love her with their heart. Michael suggests Akina to sing while cooking. Akina asked Michael to share his recipe for her journal. Mose and Kenix went home and saw Akina. Moses warned Michael to be careful of Akina tricking him. Moses stared Kenix eating the pineapple bun and it reminded him of his mother. Kenix asked Moses if he likes her because she acts like his mother. During the election for the new landlord, Kenix’s father listed some stuff that needs to be fixed in his flat. Bernice’s father and the landlord son wonder if their parents running for the election against each other with affect their relationship. After work, some females chat with each other where they should hang out together; Moses took the chances and complimented Kenix’s teahouse to Michael. Akina called Michael to hang out but Michael made up an excuse to visit Kenix’s teahouse. Michael and Kenix visits Kenix’s teahouse and watch her making flower teas for the customers. Akina went to Kenix’s teahouse. Michael asked Akina to write about Kenix’s teahouse on her next journal topic.


The landlord accidentally stepped on June’s toe and she ache her back. June whined about not being able to go to her Germany business trip. Michael let Moses go to the business trip. Moses asked Michael honestly what he should bring since it is his first time flying on the plane. Kenix sighed to Moses that the customers complained that she takes too long to make the tea. Moses asked Kenix to shop with him. Kenix and Moses went home and saw the flyer that Kenix’s father won the election as the new landlord. Kenix and her family celebrates her father’s winning the election and Moses first time flying the plane. Michael and Kenix visited Akina’s journalist firm. Kenix asked Akina to hire her back in the firm. Michael chat with Akina about his cooking show. Michael brought food to Akina’s kitchen. Akina dressed sexily and set up the candlelights and dinner. Kenix’s old colleagues visited Kenix’s teahouse. Kenix thought her colleagues was supposed to be taking photos for Michael’s cooking show in Akina’s kitchen. Michael asked Akina how come her colleagues haven’t come taking photos. As Michael tried to leave, Akina gave Michael a red wine. Michael tripped on Akina on the sofa. Kenix rung the bell and confronted Akina. Kenix dragged Michael out.

Kenix asked Michael if he found his special girl. Michael went to the balcon and overheard Bernice teased Kenix that Moses is supposed to watch her since she loved Michael first. Oscar showed Michael photos of girls an asked him to pick one. Oscar and Natalie said Kenix would be a good match for Michael but too bad it isn’t the right timing since she is dating Moses. Michael read the news bashing Kenix’s teahouse. One of Kenix’s colleague visited Kenix’s teahouse and said she is waiting for her teahouse business to go down to open a new coffee shop to give to Kenix’s ex boyfriend as a birthday present. Michael honestly told Kenix that the reason she opened this teahouse was to make her ex boyfriend mad. He sees that she doesn’t understand much about flower teas. Michael suggests Kenix to use her heart and work hard on her teahouse. Kenix saw a flower and held his hand and drag him happily to the movie theater.



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