Legend of Master Chai episode 9 recap

Men bidding for Noel in the brothel. Timmy bid two thousand golds plus his sword for Noel. Noel’s father brought Johnny and the monks to Joey. Johnny confronted Joey for not following the rules at the temple. Joey stepped on Johnny’s foot and slapped him. The ladyboss told Joey that Noel has been sold to a gentlemen. Joey went from room to room searching for Noel. Timmy yelled at Noel to wake up and Joey will never come for her. Joey arrived and told Timmy he won’t let him bothering Noel. Joey said though he can’t have Noel, it doesn’t mean Timmy can have her. Joey told Timmy that he and Noel can’t be together. Timmy fought with Joey. Timmy called Joey selfish for being a monk and not letting him be with Noel. Noel worried about Joey and forbids Timmy to hurt Joey. Joey asked Noel to tell Joey that she will never be with him and he should forget her. Noel angrily left that he’s been wasting time on her. Joey told Noel that he only saved her cause it’s a monk’s job. Joey told Noel he won’t stop her liking any males besides Timmy. Noel told Joey if he gives her ten thousand golds in ten days, she will leave him alone. Noel said it is an impossible mission for him to do just like how she can’t forget him. Noel told Joey she will never change her heart. Joey vows as long as she can’t forget him, he will always stay as a monk and wear a pauper’s clothe. Joey met his god friend. Joey’s god friend suggests Joey to match Timmy with Noel so Noel will forget him. Joey refuses to obey. Joey’s friend told Joey to do more good deeds.


Timmy looked at the Wanted Flyer of the robber and saw the martial artist’s face. Timmy fought with the martial artist. Timmy gave the martial artist a sum of money and ask him to leave. The martial artist sighed about being conned in his business. Now he couldn’t even face his own son. The martial artist was about to hang himself but Joey stopped him and encouraged him to live on and perhaps someday his son will accept him. Joey came to apologize to Timmy. Noel watches Joey begging money in the rain. Timmy held and umbrella for Noel. Timmy wrote a letter to Noel he will wait for her. Cherie and the bandits got bored at home. Joey asked Cherie to do some chores. Cherie opened her own food stalls. Cherie received a letter from her brother that he got a job at a rice stall and found a nice girlfriend. Joey is happy doing more good deeds for the god. Noel’s father told Joey if he ever becomes a magistrate he will help the people. Joey saw and old man who is still motivated to take the scholar exam. Joey disguised into Noel’s father to take the scholar’s exam. Joey sit and begged for money on the street and saw Cherie’s ex boyfriend dressed up as a bodyguard buying buns from a man. Cherie’s ex boyfriend gave Joey the buns and some money. Cherie’s ex boyfriend brought Joey to his home and introduced to the victims. The magistrate sent an edict that Noel’s father has passed the scholar exam. Noel’s father sentenced a man to thirty years in jail for bribing gold from the government. Noel’s father distributes rice to the poor. Cherie peeked at her ex boyfriend and smiled happily seeing him still wearing the shoes she made for him. Joey told Cherie “Let me lend you a hand”. Joey kicked Cherie to her ex. Cherie reunites with her ex and take a walk. Noel’s father and Noel watch Joey begging money outside, and said Noel is cold to Timmy letting him wait for her and not giving him a chance. Noel came up to Joey and slapped him and said he doesn’t have to see her anymore. Noel came up to Timmy and seeing him fixing the fences for her. Noel felt touched and hugged Timmy.




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