Blogging as a hobby vs Business

There are two types of asian drama bloggers: One who blog for the money and one who blog for a hobby.

Hobbyist: I would say Love of TVB and KTVB are great example of hobbyists who just blog when they have time. xd

-Blogging is just a side hobby, we major on other stuff and have a career (accounting, architecture, science, etc).

-Blog whenever we have time. Can slack of or delay the deadlines.

-We get to choose the dramas to blog.

-Admin is always right.

-Informal writings

-Can be blunt and express our opinions and defend our opinions

-Don’t care about hits since we don’t make money.


-Blogging is our bread and butter, we need it to live.

-Have to deal with deadlines and blog about new dramas on time.

-We have to blog about new dramas even if we don’t like it.

-Customers are always right.

-Formal writings

-Have to please customers even if we don’t agree, have to try to make as much online friends as possible.

-Know how to manage business and good networking skills and stress over not enough money.

What more would you add about the difference of those who blog about dramas for money and those who don’t?

Limelight Years episode 2 recap

Girls try to get attention from Alex in the swimming pool but failed. Linda recalled her asking Alex to live during their make out, for her slippers. Miss Wah called Linda to eat breakfast. Linda’s feet bled after wearing those high heels. Linda gave the pair of slippers for Miss Wah to try. Miss Wah asked Linda to dress properly. Linda walked back and forth. At the banquet, Alex drank wine and stared at the painting with Damien. Damien showed Alex his studio card. Alex asked Damien why he quit being a reporter since he seems to love it. Damien said he wanted to have stable family income. Alex asked Damien if he sacrifice his dream for his family. Damien told Alex that having a family is his dream too. Alex asked Damien if he’s jealous of Mr. Lai since he’s rich. Damien said he’s happy for him. Alex asked Damien if he feels he is not as competent as Mr. Lai. Damien told Alex that money and status aren’t the only measure of success. Alex said if he was famous, he rather let people take photos of him than taking photos of others. Damien told Alex he hopes he will write his own autobiography instead of writing for others. Linda stood by a corner and talked to Mr. Kai that she is lucky Miss Wah didn’t fire her. Mr. Kai asked Linda to take care being Miss Wah’s assistant and not to be nosy. Linda told Mr. Kai it is so hard to understand. Alex asked Linda if she’s talking about herself, it’s hard to understand her sometimes she’s cold and sometimes she’s hot. Linda asked Alex to read more books if he wants to understand women. Alex walked by Linda and said she is really Marjorina. Alex asked Linda to drink with him while talking about woman’s heart. Linda said she came to Taiwan with the aspiration of writing a book. Alex told Linda she’s get more aspiration to write a book when he takes her to a beautiful place tomorrow. Alex asked Linda to relax and give men a chance and dress up tomorrow.


At the banquet, Mr. Lai applauded while watching Miss Wah singing. Miss Wah sung a song expressing her sadness about losing her three children. Damien thought about his ex wife Michelle. Damien called his wife and said showed Miss Wah singing for her. Damien took out a bottle of plum honey and thought about his wife. Miss Wah sighed to Linda that nobody loved to hear her sing with the exception of her fans. Lancy visited Miss Wah and brought her water lilies. Lancy asked Miss Wah if she would like a tour in Taipei before she leaves to Hongkong. Lancy told miss Wah that Mr. Lai is one of her fan and would like to take her around. Miss Wah asked Lancy if she has anything else to say. Lancy said she performed good tonight. Miss Wah sighed that her daughter is a good actress and can lie. Miss Wah told Lancy she didn’t watch her singing but she complimented she sang well. Miss Wah told Lancy she is a good public relation speaker. Miss Wah asked Lancy to tell Mr. Lai that she only sings and won’t entertain him. Lancy told Miss Wah that Mr. Lai is his fan and would be delighted to see her, and she asked her to be careful what she says. Miss Wah told Lancy she has her own principles while Lancy talk professionally. She’s a guest in the hotel. Miss Wah enjoy the plum honey drink. Miss Wah invited Linda to eat the plum honey. Miss Wah said the plum honey is unique since a fan made especially for her to maintain her voice. Miss Wah said the wine came from Michelle. Miss Wah said Michelle is from Taipei but move with her family to Hongkong. Something happened to Michelle’s family and evertime she listens to her song, it would remind her of them. Her songs gave her a warm feeling so she always attend her concert. Miss Wah said that Michelle said we can gain more money when he lose it, but family are gift from god, once you lose them, you’ll never see them again.

Damien and Mr.Lai looked at their old photos and shared it with Alex. Mr.Lai asked Alex to put the photo of him winning the ping pong championship. Damien said Mr. Lai was Tso Chi’s substitute player. Alex suggests Damien and Mr. Lai play a ping pong match. Damien wont the match by ten to three. Damien laughed and took photos of Mr. Lai losing. Mr. Lai got mad and asked Damien to stop. Mr. Lai asked Damien if he knows who he is. He’s the chairman of the company and a celebrity, if the photos shown on magazines his image will be tainted. Damien apologized and asked Mr. Lai if he is allowed to be unreasonable because he is rich and powerful. Damien said he can’t give the camera since there are special photos but he promised Mr. Lai he won’t print those photos. Alex shows off his suit to his friend and said he lives in a five star hotel and eat at a Michel Restaurant. Alex gave his friend a cheque of five hundred thousand dollars for writing an autobiography. His friend told Alex that he accepts the money after writing the autobiography is like a woman getting paid after sleeping with a man. He uses Marjorina’s name to take advantage of women. His friend told Alex that he promised to stop writing as Marjorina when he turns thirty but now he uses it to make money. Alex asked if he thinks that he will let others make use of Marjorina for money. Alex said he will only be a ghost writer to Mr. Lai and Mr.Lai will publish his autobiography using his own name.


Miss Wah asked Linda to come check why she couldn’t check read Lancy’s wall on facebook. Linda checked and said the user set hier privacy to prevent strangers from seeing her profile. Linda suggests Miss Wah to add the person on facebook and wait til she confirms. Linda asked Miss Wah to let her write a message thanking her fans on Weibo. Linda danced and lay down on her bed. Linda remembered Marjorina said a way to get over a broken relationship is to start a new relationship. Alex called Linda and asked her if she’s afraid of height. Alex and Linda rode a helicopter together. Linda asked if Alex is a rich tycoon. Alex asked Linda why does she cares if he’s wealthy, does she discriminate against rich people?. Alex told Linda that wearing shoes that won’t fit her is like forcing to like a man. Alex believes Linda has a reason to force herself to wear high heels. Alex booked a spa for Linda to make it up for her. Linda refused to accept the request due to she’s not Marjorina and just a rich lady’s assistant. Alex told Linda she doesn’t need to apologize since he knew all along she’s no Marjorina. He enjoys hanging out with her. Alex cheers with Linda. Linda thanked Alex. Alex told Linda that the spa made her feel comfortable. Her feet has heal but her heart is suffering. What she needs now is a person who can listen to her grieves instead of judging her. Linda said two years ago she was about to get married to her fiance he accused her of wasting money on the wedding gown to show off her pretty look. She exposed her boss’s affair and he fired her. She used to be a happy bride but why has it ended up this way? Alex said she didn’t do anything wrong, a woman is supposed to have a perfect wedding but the groom failed to do it. When a man failed to love her, he will accused her of being vain hide his weakness. Every woman is a goddess but she has to put herself down to accommodate her man. Alex asked Linda to resume her status as a goddess and see what she wants in a man. Linda said she wants a nice wedding gown and an unlimited credit card. She wants red wine.


Lancy showed a news of Michelle’s death and asked Miss Wah how can a dead person give her plum honey. Lancy accused Miss Wah of making up receiving gifts so fans will think that the hotel is haunted by a ghost. Miss Wah insists she didn’t know about Michelle’s death. Lancy asked Miss Wah why would she care if one of her fans is dead. Lancy said Miss Wah never cared about her daughter and focused on her career after divorcing her husband. Then she remarried and has the celebrity fame. Miss Wah told Lancy she let her father raised her because she didn’t want her status as a celebrity affect her development. Lancy told Miss Wah she knows she is upset about not telling her about her wedding which caused her to lose her face but she will send her the invitation. Lancy asked Miss Wah to stop playing tricks. Linda came back happily. Miss Wah told Linda she’s firing her, and she asked her to look at the message she posted on Weibo causing rumors that the hotel is haunted. She knew she was careless so she reminded her multiple times but she still mess up this simple job. Linda told Miss Wah she is partly responsible too since she didn’t know about Michelle’s death. She’s been her assistant less than a month, how would she know if her fan died. Before she posted this message on weibo, she just tell her to do as she like. Now she wants to fire her but she believes Miss Wah is the negligent one. Linda asked Miss Wah what rules of being an assistant did she break. If she can’t name one, then she just want her to be a scapegoat. Miss Wah said to let it be an unfair dismissal. Miss Wah told Linda she will pay her a monthly salary and let her stay at the hotel for a night but she has to leave tomorrow.


Limelight Years episode 1 recap

This series starts with a secret admirer whom others claimed as beautiful, goes by the Pseudonym Marjorina inviting Mr. Lai for diner. She dresses in black dress and love red roses. Mr. Lai would like her to write the charming side of him unlike others whom only thinks of him as a rich man. At the clothing store, Linda requested for a slipper size thirty six but it ran out, which means lots of people buy it. Linda requested a different slippers which is unique and nobody wears. Linda told the saleswoman that shoes is like men, they should accommodate woman. Woman should insists on wanting things, if they give up, who will cherish them? A lady put back the slipper. The saleswowman told Linda there’s one pair of slippers with a size of thirty six and she’ll get it for her. Linda brought the slippers to Mrs. Wah in the massage room. Linda said the saleswoman was helpless but she boost her confidence. Mrs. Wah asked Linda if she is talking about the person or the dress.

Mrs. Wah told Linda that the dress won’t change her status. While pushing the baggage, Linda drop some, and Ms. Wah told Linda that she always change new slippers and throw away the bad ones. Miss. Wah said she picks one that makes her feel comfortable on the stage singing. Miss. Wah told Linda that new assistant is a headache and new shoes hurt, if she isn’t rushed on her way to Taipei, she would have replaced them both. Damien traveled to Taipei. During the flight, Damien saw a kid requested more meals. Damien teaches the kid that eating a lot is unhealthy. Miss. Wah asked the flight attendant to ask Damien to lower his voice so she can relax. Linda mimicked Mrs. Wah about not stretching the shoes. Damien looked at Miss Wah in the magazine and requested to keep the magazine. Miss Wah stared at Damien tearing the page and told the flight attendant that Damien may be one of her crazy fans. Miss Wah asked hte flight attendant to tell Damien to put away his camera. Damien confronted the flight attendance about havinge the freewill and he said he will put his camera down in five minutes. Damien teach the kids knowledge and reasons to gain respect. Damien asked the kid if he knows another name for celebrities, it is Hypocrite. Miss Wah gave Linda an assistant’s guideline to follow. As the car arrived, Damien shot a picture of Miss Wah. Linda fought with Damien, and the flight attendant told Linda that Damien is the guest Mr. Law who will share the car with Miss Wah.


Mr. Lai is excited to dine with Marjorina. Mr. Lai read a poem from Marjorina. Alex introduces himself as Marjorina. Alex told Mr.Lai that it never said Marjorina is a woman but it is reader’s wishful thinking. Alex told Mr.Lai he’s not just a man, he’s a man who understands woman. Alex pointed out that he smokes cigar since roses doesn’t smell like smokes and he did his eyebrow before meeting him, if he cares about the girls he would have done earlier. Alex asked Mr. Lai why won’t he accept Marjorina’s talent as well a fame. If he let Marjorina publish his autobiography he will not only have fame but also talent. Alex told Mr.Lai he will help him in condition he gives him his black card to pay all his expenses such as restaurants and cars and yatches. Miss Wah got hiccups and went out for a breath of fresh air. Mr. Lai took photos of Miss wah hoping the scare will drive away her hiccups. Miss Wah advised Linda not to play smart and turn down her diner meeting with Lancy. Damien told his friend on the phone that he wished he shot the ugly side of his idol Miss Wah for him to see. Damien said Miss Wah is a hypocrite.

Linda lay down in bed and read Marjorina’s quote that relationship between men and woman are like Taichi. If the person doesn’t move, take the lead. Linda received a call from the bank account manager that her account has been below five thousand dollars. He asked her to deposit more money or they will charge her fifty dollars. Linda search for money in the bag and saw a book of Marjorina. Mr. Lai drinks with Damien and introduces Alex. Alex thought Damien’s name Law Bun sounds like Batman. Mr.Lai thought it sounds like Robin Hood. Alex compared the status of Robin Hood and Robin. Mr. Lai compliment Damien and his wife’s love. Alex teaches Damien and Mr.Lai to court women. Alex said when a woman asked a man if he loves her, she doesn’t want the answer but just want to be loved, and it doesn’t mater if he loves her.


Alex bumped into Linda. Alex asked Linda if she’s from Taiwan. Linda said she’s from Los Angeles. Alex chat to her about Disneyland. Miss Wah asked the waitress whom is her daughter for her opinion of choosing a dress for her concert. Linda recalled her fiancee Ka Ming yelled at her for buying a wedding gown for one million dollars. Linda cried and wants to be a real woman. Linda daydream of Alex kissing her. Linda pushed the flower bouquet of a wedding couple down. Alex passed by and saw Linda yelling at the groom. Linda asked the bride to wake up whereas the groom is only playing her and wants her money. She quoted Marjorina that innocent woman are lucky but naive. Alex dragged Linda out. Linda asked Alex in english to let her go. Alex took Linda to a place to shout out her sadness. Alex told Linda he promised to stop drinking but he keeps on drinking. Linda whispered to Alex that she is Marjorina but Alex denied and said she could never be her. Alex said Marjorina would never drink with a man unless she fell for him. Alex asked Linda if she has feelings for him. Linda grabbed Alex and kissed.


Romantic Repertoire episode 10 recap

Moses told Evergreen Mak that Joyce is inexperience in love unlike his previous girlfriends. Evergreen Mak told Moses he likes Joyce because she persuaded his father to forgive him. Moses asked Evergreen Mak did he mistaken gratitude for love. Evergreen Mak said he had this great feeling when Joyce sang her opera. Evergreen Mak sings. Moses told Evergreen Mak he believes he fell for Joyce. Moses told Evergreen Mak he couldn’t believe he fell in love in his thirties. Evergreen Mak asked Mose to help him court Joyce. Moses suggests Eveergreen Mak to start gently. Moses gave the gift bag to Katy and asked her to send it to Joyce. Moses told Katy to not be nosy to stay out of trouble. Moses asked Jason to give some work to Katy instead of doing all by himself. Moses asked Jason if he can’t order Katy as his assistant, how can he managed to be a boss. Jason lower his voice and gave Katy a job. Katy told Jason to return the gift bag to Moses and she’s leaving to work on the project. Moses called Jason a loser. Moses saw his girlfriend interview director Lee on the video. Moses went to the acting stadium and searched for Bella. Bella served her boyfriend Sam. Moses saw Bella and surprised her with a box of meal. Bella walked out and asked Moses to leave. Moses watched Bella talking to Sam and left.


Joyce stared at Evergreen Mak’s gift and feels guilty. Katy advised Joyce not to buy any gifts to Evergreen Mak in return. Moses’s sister prepared Bella’s favorite dish for diner. Moses sadly said Bella won’t come home for diner since she’s busy with work. Moses’s sister told Moses that Bella is lucky to have such a good boyfriend, what does she want more. Moses told his sister Bella is not lucky as him having a sister cooking for him. Sam told Bella that Director Lee asked him if he wants to be his choreographer but he still needs two hundred thousand dollars. Joyce, Law Lok Lam,and Louise all bought pig’s intestines for their hotpot dinner. There’s too much food so Katy asked Jason and Moses to diner. Moses and Jason ate hotpot with them. Moses asked Katy if she seen Bella lately. Moses received a called from Bella and rushed leaving. Moses took Bella to the first flat he rent from Evergreen Mak. Moses recalled running into Bella in Mongkok when he went there for business. Bella left her passport in Moses’s car. Bella ate lunch with Moses in the coffee shop. Bella asked Moses for a pawn shop. Bella pawned her mother’s watch for money. Moses extended the loan and called the travel agent for Bella. Bella saw Moses in the magazine. Moses rent Evergreen Mak’s flat for Bella. Moses ate with Bella and would like a homemade Tiramisu.



While washing dishes, Jason told Katy that he thinks Moses care about Bella more than she cares for him. Moses and Bella baked a Tiramisu cake. Bella received a call and upset telling Moses she might get fired by the producer for losing the boat wire. Bell told Moses it costs three hundred thousand dollars. Moses told Bella he will write a cheque for her. Bella thanked Moses and called him “You are my Superman”. Bella gave Sam the cheque and Sam happily thanked her and called her “You are my superwoman”. At the bank, Moses saw Sam and told his friend that Sam is a movie star and Bella is currently and assistant director. Katy stared at Moses eating sandwiches. Jason told Katy that Moses is taking eight jobs at once. Bella called Katy and showed her the wire that Sam bought. Jason told Katy that Bella is immature, he heard from Moses’s sister that Moses spend three hundred thousand to buy the wire for Bella for her movie company. During diner, Katy told her family that she thinks Bella cheated money from Moses, and she showed them the picture of the wire. Joyce stared at Moses talking to Bella on the phone. Katy invited Bella for breakfast and asked her if she cheated money out of Moses. Katy asked Bella how long will she like to Moses. Bella told Katy she fell for Moses but Sam returned. Bella said she felt Sam need her.


Twin of Brothers episode 40 recap

Tavia took back what she just said about him staying by her. Tavia’s brother told Raymond he feels ashamed blaming him for the death of Cha Siu. Raymond and Tavia’s brother worried that the royal prince will harm Tavia’s father, the majesty. Tavia’s brother plan to go to war with the princes. Tavia plead Raymond to lend her brother a hand during the war. Derek managed to excel his evil martial arts. Tavia’s ordered his troop to fight for a land. Tavia beg his brother to let go of the idea of fighting for the land. Tavia’s brother invited Raymond for a drink in his camp. Tavia’s brother told Raymond this is a diner for them to go their own ways. Tavia’s brother asked Raymond if he wants to bet he will win the land in six months. Raymond and his troop fought with Tavia’s brother and his troop. Whoever snatched the flag wins. Raymond and Tavia’s brother both snatched the flag. Raymond and Tavia’s brother complimented each other strategies. Leila believes if Raymond and Tavia’s brother unite they will be invincible.



Tavia asked Li Qian to persuade Raymond since he and Tavia’s brother both love her. Tavia asked Li Qian to not be naive and sacrifice her love for her. The doctor’s daughter agrees to marry Li Qian’s brother. Li Qian sighed to her father that Raymond won’t choose her. Li Qian asked his father to back out his troop from helping Raymond. Tavia said that now he backed up his troop, then Raymond can collaborate with Tavia’s brother. Li Qian persuaded his father to stay out of war. Raymond watches Tavia and Li Qian fighting with each other. Raymond stopped them. Li Qian asked Raymond when they fight he feels hurt just like they feel hurt when he goes to war with Tavia’s brother. Raymond hugged Li Qian and Tavia and said he can let go going to war with Tavia’s brother but they must served them for a night. Raymond asked Tavia if she knows he’s been waiting for this day of peace. Tavia held Raymond’s hand and walked by the lake. Raymond hugged Tavia. They watch the fireworks. Raymond told Tavia this memory is his gift for her tonight. Li Qian held Raymond’s hands. Li Qian closed her eyes hoping Raymond will kiss her. Raymond lay down and watches the star. Raymond told Li Qian he misses fighting with her and eating her desert. Li Qian told Raymond if he likes it, she will cook it for him everyday. It doesn’t matter who he chooses, he doesn’t have to worry about cooking as long as he his happy.



Madam White Snake 2001 episode 9 recap

The green snake told Magistrate Bai she will treat his daughter like a sister. The white snake happily eavesdropped on Xu Xian studying with his servant. Xu Xian itched to gamble and plead his servant to let him gamble just this once. Magistrate Bai told his wife that Junbao’s biggest dream is to become a monk. Fann served tea for Xu Xian, Xu Xian’s servant pretends to have a cold and cover his face withe a manuel and grabbed the tea. The white snake pour tea on Xu Xian’s servant and asked him where’s Xu Xian. The white snake took Junbao to Bai Suzhen. Jun Bao surprisingly found Suzhen looks so much alike the white snake. Xu Xian won and won and pretends to lose in the end. Xu Xian told the white snake she doesn’t have to worry about him gambling, he always win. The white snake told Xu Xian she doesn’t care if he wins or lose, she would like him to stop gambling. Xu Xian brought some dessert for the white snake. The white snake beg Xu Xian to take his studies seriously. The white snake wants Xu Xian to be the top scholar. The white snake caught Xu Xian climbing on the roof trying to sneak out to gamble. The white snake angrily left and told Xu Xian his freedom is now granted. Xu Xian chased and begged the white snake to return home. The white snake kicked Xu Xian and said he will never change no wonder he made his mother crazy.



A god friend gave the white snake a fruit for her to gain more power. The white snake recalled the elder god told her that she did many bad deeds in her previous era and has to repent her mistakes. Only the turtle Xu Xian can help her become a snake again. The white snake sighed she couldn’t motivate Xu Xian to behave. The white snake threw up blood. Xu Xian sat and gambled. Xu Xian prevented his servant from burning his manuels. Xu Xian read the manuel and giggled and surprisingly feels relaxed. The godfriend gave the white snake the soup and she felt better after drinking it. He then about to kiss her but she pushed him away. The white snake said she just wants to focus on doing more good deeds to become a snake again.

Bai Shi Chang told the green snake he misses her when he’s not seeing her. Bai Shi Chang told the green snake he will let her choose some maids for her. Bai Shi Chang saw the bandages around the green snake’s arm. The green snake said she burnt her hands after cooking. Bai Shi Chang got mad thinking his wife did it. Bai Shi Shang’s wife yelled at her maid for serving breakfast to Junbao. Jun Bao told Bai Shi Chang’s wife that he believes with her backing up for him, it will be easier for him to become a magistrate. Jun Bao said he wants to be the majesty’s secretary. Bai Shi Chang accused his wife of burning the green snake’s hands. Bai Shi Chang and his wife argued. Jun Bao asked Bai Shi Chang’s wife to calm down. Jun Bao asked Bai Shi Chang’s wife if she doesn’t want to make up for him after abandoning him. Bai Shi Chang’s wife told Junbao she regretted not killing him. Jun Bao told the green snake he doesn’t want Bai Shi Chang’s wife to die but he wants to steal all her gold and silvers.


Boba Teas ranking in Dallas, Texas by JacJac

I’ll rate my favorite Boba Tea Places in Dallas, Texas

1. Tasty Cup: The Classic and Jasmine Green Milk Tea is perfect. I saw others buying strawberry milk tea and some people went there twice a day. Customer Service can be sloppy at times.

2. Fat Straws: I would rated this as the best but it’s too Americanized for my taste. It’s good that they also have slushes and smoothies. Their classic milk tea is one of their well know ones. Customer service is fast.

3. Bobaland: Also one of my favorite places to buy Milk Teas: They have cool names for their milk teas. I liked their Panda Milk Tea and Jasmine Tea Sea Cream. They have Friendly Customer Service. I could have rated this the best Boba tea place but Tasty Cup beats it by the perfect flavor.

4. QQ Teahouse: This teahouse is situated in a remote location but the milk tea they got the Taiwanese tea flavor. The wait is long cause there’s short of staff.

5. Mister Shabu Shabu: They’ve got Rose Milk Tea and Hongkong Milk Tea and milk teas that other places doesn’t have.

6. Fruitealicous: Not bad but the staff seems to care more about teenagers and their friends more than their milk teas. The Chai latte is pretty good. Jasmine Green Tea has the milk tea flavor. They have cool ingredients combination. It’s a very Americanized Boba tea place. If you want an Americanized Version of Boba Tea, this is the place to go.

Each Boba Tea place is different but I’ll give Kudos to Fruitealicious and Bobaland for the creative names and ingredients; Tasty Cup and QQ Teahouse for making an authentic Taiwanese Boba Tea. Fat Straws for the Classics, and Mister Shabu Shabu for having Hongkong Milk Tea.

These are my top ones for Milk Tea places in Dallas, Texas.

Romantic Repertoire episode 9 recap

Moses asked Katy how does she knows Bella. Moses asked Bella why didn’t she tell him she returned to Hongkong. Bella told Moses that she and Katy were schoolmates before she migrated to the states. Moses asked Bella what where would she stayed if he didn’t bump into her. Bella told Moses she would sleepover at Katy and surprised him tomorrow. Bella received a call and smiled happily. Bella told Moses she came back to Hongkong to film a movie. She’s happy cause she got an interview. Moses got upset not knowing anything about his girlfriend. Moses came to Katy’s house and anxiously asked her and Joyce questions about Bella. Katy said friends don’t share everything, and he’s her boyfriend and he should know.

Bella told Katy that her boyfriend Sam got the interview for Director’s Lee movie. Bella hid behind Katy when seeing Sam enter his company and showed Katy who Sam is. Katy showed her family photos on Sam on the blog. Louise sighed that they are all naked pictures. Law Lok Lam told Louise that it’s better for Bella to choose Sam over Moses. Joyce complimented that Moses is not as bad as they think. Bella insists in staying in the hotel instead of Moses home. Bella asked Katy to bring some snacks over. Bella gave the snacks to Moses and said she’s sleeping over at Katy’s house. Moses stared at Katy and Bella from the window. Katy and Bella left. Bella told Katy she’s studying film because of Sam. Same always recites those romantic lines from movies. Sam is a stuntman who always work hard to impress the director to be the lead actor. Sam promised Bella that after he achieve his goal, he will marry her.Bella happily said now Sam has a chance to be the lead actor. Bella cried and hugged Katy and said she aborted the baby for Sam. She aborted the baby because Sam was happily filming in New York and she’s afraid Sam wouldn’t want it. Katy said she used to break up with Sam, then met Moses, and got back together with Sam. Sam was always there for her. She still loves Sam and hope to marry him someday.

Bella called Moses that she has a lot of stuff to talk to Katy, and she asked him to not stay up so late. Jason whispered to Moses’s sister that Moses is pretending to be happy. Moses showed Jason his designs and asked him to fix it. At work, Moses told Katy if she didn’t wasted her time doing meaningless things last night, she could have finished her design. Moses told Katy to not leave until she finishes her design.


Evergreen Mak visited Joyce and gave her colleagues gifts and cards. He asked Joyce to give him permission to watch the opera. Law Lok Lam teased Joyce that Evergreen Mak has a crush on her. At the restaurant, Bella saw Sam and leaned her head on Katy’s shoulder. Sam walked toward her. Bella apologized for not informing him about coming to US. Sam said she’s too petulant and he kissed her. Joyce, Katy, and Louise encountered Moses and his sister in the elevator. Mose’s sister is craving for durian. Moses told her she’s so petulant. Katy, Louise, and Joyce giggled. Bella called Katy and happily told her that Sam got a second male lead as a bad guy. Mose asked Bella about her job post. Bella said she’s a director assistant. Moses brought congee for Bella to her hotel wanting to surprise Bella. Bella freaked out seeing Moses in front of her door. Bella told Moses she has to dress up for a meeting in fifteen minutes. Bella took Moses out. Sam asked Bella who was she talking to. Bella said the waiter was delivering congee. Sam said has to film tomorrow. Sam hugged Bella and asked her if she remembers he asked her how long love will last.


While Master Tin listen to the music and sing opera, Evergreen Mak sings along. Evergreen Mak told his father that Joyce influenced her view about opera. Master Tin asked Evergreen Mak to not fail him or he may not be friends with Joyce again. Evergreen Mak donate stuff to the troupe and brought food and drinks. Evergreen Mak recite Romance of the Phoenix Chamber song to Joyce. Joyce told Evergreen Mak that her mother told her that to be an opera singer, she must know the meaning of the lyrics to express. Joyce sing the opera to Evergreen Mak and showed the mood of the song. Everyone stared at Evergreen Mak holding Joyce’s hands. Katy suggests Joyce to go for Evergreen Mak. Louise advised Joyce to beware of him. Evergreen Mak brought tea for Joyce’s colleagues. Joyce’s colleagues told Evergreen Mak about Joyce’s favorite food. Mo spilled tea on Joyce’s hat. Katy told Joyce there are two types of women that men can’t stand, one is the whiny ones and the other is the bitchy one.

Moses called Bella but she made an excuse being busy reading the script. Evergreen Mak asked Moses if Joyce is at home. Evergreen Mak stood in front of Joyce’s flat holding a bouquet of flowers. Joyce panickly called Moses and asked him to thank Evergreen Mak and asked him to leave.


Twin of Brothers episode 39 recap

Feeling a bit stressed lately but will still recap dramas. 🙂

Savio pleaded Derek to let go of revenge. His persistence to win will hurt him in the end. Leila, Nancy, and Ron fought with Derek. Savio told Leila he plans to go to temple to pray for wellness. Derek attacked the the princes in the palace. The royal prince begged Derek to spare him. Derek ordered the royal prince to kill Tavia’s brother if he wants to live. The royal prince invited the doctor’s daughter to meet him. The royal prince tried to rape him. WilsoN arrived in time. The royal prince ordered the guards to arrest Wilson and framed him for assassinating him. The soldiers stabbed Wilson and stab his right arm. Tavia’s brother arrived. Wilson fell down and told the doctor’s daughter he thought he could live with her for lifetime but he couldn’t give her happiness. The doctor’s daughter cried and told Wilson he will always be her ideal husband. Wilson asked the doctor’s daughter to live well and take care. Tavia’s brother pointed a sword at the royal prince. The royal prince told the majesty that Wilson wanted to alienate Tavia’s brother and him. Tavia’s brother asked the royal prince to not make up some nonsense, Wilson knew his cohort with the evil sect so he killed him. Sok Ne then interrupted that Tavia’s brother scared her by using the knife on the royal prince. Tavia said this is a war tactic discussion and Sok Ne doesn’t have the right to talk about it since she’s only a concubine. Sok Ne wined and left. The majesty sighed to Sok Ne that his two sons won’t get along. Sok Ne suggests the majesty to separate them. The majesty ordered Tavia’s brother to move to the north.

Tavia and the soldiers decided to move with Tavia’s brother. Tavia’s brother asked his soldiers to stay with the majesty. Raymond looked at Wilson for the last time. Raymond stood in front of Wilson’s grave and cut his hands and vowed to revenge for Wilson. Ron used the green jade frog on Raymond to get rid of his evil power. Raymond and Ron fell down. Raymond and Ron believe their fate won’t be death after using the geen jade frog. Nancy and Tavia and Raymond and Ron fought with Derek and his sect. Some of the members from the dark sect pushed Tavia down the hill. Derek tries to kill Tavia’s brother. Raymond fought with Derek. Raymond hugged Tavia by his arm. Tavia asked Raymond not to leave her.


Sword of the Outlaw episode 13 recap

Fengyi’s father announced that he will tell them sect the date of the martial art competition. Fengyi told her father she will only marry Zhuiyun and if he forces her to marry anyone else she will die in front of him. A servant showed Xiao Qian and Zhuiyun a letter from the master that his sword is his second chance to win. While Zhuiyun is taking a nap, Xiao Qian pretends to go the bathroom and blew a sleeping smoke through the window in one of the four master’s room to steal the master’s fan to read the poem on the fan. One of the four masters lend his fan and a jade sculpture to Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian watch a professor reciting poems. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian that the professor is testing the martial artist’s patients and their generosity. Xiao Qian asked Zhuiyun which of those martial artists is his opponent. Fengyi asked her maid to massage her. Fengyi froze her maid.


During the competition, the master wrote a calligraphy. The sect leader wrote a poem. The bodyguard wrote a poem. Then it’s Zhuiyun’s turn to write a poem. Fengyi stared at Zhuiyun hoping he would win. Fengyi’s father critique the poems. Fengyi’s father announced tomorrow they will compete in martial arts. A master told the eunuch that those martial artist no matter how good they are, they won’t defeat him. The master asked his servant about the martial arts of the four masters. Fengyi’s father gave the martial artists a bowl of wine and test them to see if they can endure it without being drunk for half an hour. The eunuch dreamt about having golds and concubines. Zhuiyun dreamnt about his father asking him to find his daughter. The sect leader dreamt about meeting someone.