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Treasure Venture episode 30 recap (End)

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Yu Lung’s mother lay down on the bed and told Eunuch Cao she has lost Yu Lung to Jian Ping. Yu Lung ordered Eunuch Cao to kill Jian Ping after finding the manuel. Jian Ping told Yu Lung she feels she owes him a lot eve since she met him. Ruo Han told Jian Ping that Jian Ping really would like to be with him. Jian Ping told Yu Lung she appreciate his sacrifices. She doesn’t know how to break up with Ruo Han but doesn’t want to lose Yu Lung as a friend. Yu Lung showed Jian Ping a box of the three keys. Ruo Han’s master took Yiniang to Wuma and ordered him to find the manuel from Jian Ping. Yiniang asked Wuma to not lose conscience and tell Ruo Han’s master where Jian Ping is. Yu Lung took the three keys to the late emperor’s tomb. Yu Lung opened the tomb then saw a pack of eight hundred thousand golds bribed from the people. Yu Lung said the majesty greed the manuel and kill him but he refuses to hand out the manuel before he dies. Jian Ping grabbed the picked up the book and the wall of the cave opened. Ruo Han held on the wall and asked Jian Ping to hurry walked in. Yu Lung pushed Ruo Han back and the cave closed leaving Jian Ping to the other side of the wall. Jian Ping saw the emperor’s tomb. Yu Lung told Ruo Han he is Prince Chen and the concubine’s son. IF he ever finds the manuel, Eunuch Cao and his mother will force him to rebel against the majesty. Ruo Han told Yu Lung that the master in the white suit and the master in the white suit told him about his identity and they used to be Eunuch Cao’s master. Yu Lung told Ruo Han he despite him for not revealing his identity to the royals but he appreciates his love for Jian Ping. Ruo Han told Yu Lung that he sacrifices for Jian Ping more than him. Ruo Han told Yu Lung he’s the first person admires so he’ll call him his brother. Yu Lung is happy that Ruo Han is willing to be his friend without being scared of his royal status.


Jian Ping knocked on the wall and asked Yu Lung to tell her what’s in the book. Ruo Han reads the poem in the book which said switching the two books will let them walk in and out freely. Jian Ping told Ruo Han to put the book back on the shelf. The cave opened. Jian Ping explained to Ruo Han and Yu Lung that Yu Lung’s royal family is brilliant and selfish and wrote the poem in the book so only his family can decipher it. Perhaps the previous majesty never read the manuel.


The Japanese sect attacked Ruo Han, Yu Lung, and Jian Ping. As Yu Lung and Ruo Han walked toward the tomb, Bai Rue Xue disguised as Jian Ping and froze Yu Lung and Ruo Han. Jian Ping attacked Bai Rue Xue and snatched the manuel back. Bai Rue Xue pointed a sword at Yu Lung and asked Jian Ping if she would want to save Ruo Han or Yu Lung. Jian Ping asked Bai Rue Xue if she doesn’t choose to save either of them, would she spare them. Bai Rue Xue said she can spare both of them if she hands over the manuel. Jian Ping asked Bai Rue Xue to free Yu Lung. Bai Rue Xue asked Jian Ping if she thinks she would spare Ruo Han if she chose Yu Lung. Bai Rue Xue said she doesn’t understand her well, if she dies she would drag her lover to die with her. Bai Rue Xue asked Jian Ping to throw the manuel to her. Jian Ping threw the manuel and fought with Bai Rue Xue. A statue fell down; Bai Rue Xue pointed a sword toward Jian Ping. Jian Ping flew back and unfroze Ruo Han and Yu Lung. Jian Ping asked Bai Rue Xue if she hates her that much to kill her. Bai Rue Xue asked Jian Ping not to call her as sister, she feels hurt, whenever she lives with her. Jian Ping told Bai Rue Xue she never thought of stealing Ruo Han. Bai Rue Xue told Jian Ping ever since Ruo Han met her, he has changed. Ruo Han asked Bai Rue Xue not blame Jian Ping. Bai Rue Xue asked if she doesn’t have a chance to be with Ruo Han. Ruo Han told Bai Rue Xue he feels very relaxed being with Jian Ping. When he was an assassin, he was never was free of living his life. Bai Rue Xue told Ruo Han he can never choose his fate, his life is still on her hands. They’ll always be assassins. If they don’t kill others, others will kill them. Ruo Han told Bai Rue Xue there’s always hope when she’s still living. Jian Ping told Bai Rue Xue she has a choice of either live as an assassin or live a normal life. Ruo Han said he rather die by saving others than killing others to live.


Ruo Han, Jian Ping, and Yu Lung came up to Eunuch Coa. Eunuch Cao called Ruo Han a filial son for possessing the mauel. Eunuch Cao said Yu Lungs mother ordered him to bring Jian Ping’s head. Yu Lung said he won’t let anyone kill Jian Ping. Eunuch Cao asked Yu Lung to leave or he’ll replace Prince Chen to discipline him. Ruo Han said Eunuch Cao called himself a filial but he caused the master in the white suit and the master in the black suit to be crazy. Ruo Han, Jian Ping, and Yu Lung fought with Eunuch Cao. Eunuch Cao told Ruo Han that he doesn’t know how to make use of the martial arts that the two masters taught him. Eunuch Cao said he learned the stop thirteen in the martial art and the more he punched him the stronger he will be. Jian Ping recalled from her mother’s manuel that to defeat the martial arts, he has to use the power to turn into a different power. Eunuch Cao sighed to god about causing Ruo Han to fight with him. Ruo Han uses his power and fought with Eunuch Cao. Ruo Han and Jian Ping fought with Eunuch Cao on the roof. Bai Rue Xue pray in the cave and got out and taught Ruo Han where to punch Eunuch Cao. Eunuch Cao punched Bai Rue Xue. Ruo Han and Jian Ping fought with Eunuch Cao. The palace shook and Enuch Cao got torn apart. Ruo Han hugged Bai Rue Xue and carried her into the wood.s Bai Rue Xue asked why she couldn’t see anything. She said today is the longest day in her life. She finally understands how fun it is to live a normal life. Bai Rue Xue held Jian Ping’s hands and handed over Ruo Han to her before she dies. Bai Rue Xue passed away.



Wuma demanded Jian Ping to hand out the manuel. Jian Ping bowed next to Wuma and said he was the one who raised her so she have no regret if he kills her. Wuma brought the manuel to Ruo Han’s master. Wuma threw the manuel and untied Yiniang. Yiniang yelled and told Wuma there’s bomb. Wuma carried Yiniang and walked out of the fire. Wuma told Ruo Han’s master he appreciate his is intelligence but too bad they came from the same master so hek knows how to get out of his tricks. His scheme is ruined using one misstep. Wuma fought with Ruo Han’s master. Ruo Han’s master died. Jian Ping gave the manuel to her father.


Yu Lung bids farewell to Ruo Han and Jian Ping. Yu Lung told Jian Ping and Ruo Han he doesn’t know how long the majesty will love his mother. He decided to wander around and leave the palace since he never had any freedom in the palace. Yu Lung told Jian Ping she was right for not choosing him because living in the palace is hard. Yu Lung wish Ruo Han and Jian Ping happiness. Jian Ping told Yu Lung they’ll wait for him. The majesty drank opium and asked his eunuch about the golds in the cave. The eunuch gave the majesty the manuel but he couldn’t read it. The majesty burnt the manuel. Yu Lung wonder around and saw a leaf cricket and thought of Jian Ping. Jian Ping met Yu Lung in the restaurant they first met. Jian Ping bids with Yu Lung if the guy below is willing to smell her. Ruo Han grabbed the silver from Yu Lung. Xiao Long and Xiao Fou told Yu Lung whenever he gives out silver he must do charity for a year. Jian Ping teased Yu Lung that he’s still happy after his fiance being stolen by Ruo Han. Yu Lung and Yu Lung bumped over Ruo Han. Jian Ping dressed in a Japanese kimono and hugged Ruo Han.


The End!

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