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The Legendary Siblings 2 episode 1 recap

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This series starts with a martial artist Ba Dao killing the Emei and Shaolin Sect and other sects. Jiang Fei Yu and Feng Wuque and their wives gave birth to their newborn sons. A sect member from Huashan Sect asked Feng Wuque and Jiang Fei Yu to help his sect defeat Bao Dao. As they fought with him they found it strange that he doesn’t possess any evil power and doesn’t have the motive to kill them. It turns out Ba Dao’s family has been kidnapped and been blackmailed to kill them so he can be the most skilled martial artist. Ba Dao got killed by the evil sect. Some assassins barged in the house and attacked their wives Xiao Feng and Rou Lan. They held the twins and ran. Ten assassins killed them. Jiang Fei Yu and Feng Wuque dies.


Twenty years later, a young man Xiao Yu revealed a trickster for conning money from the people using the buddhist and apologized to him for giving him a bottle of diarrhea powde. Xiao Yu then tricked a gambler from conning him. A conman brought a big guy to beat up Xiao Yu for ruining his tricks. Xiao Yu ran and got trapped under the chair. The big guy asked the people if he should chop his right or left hand. The big guy ordered Hua Wu Que to gamble and win five thousand golds for him. Xiao Yu played dominoes with Boss Yu. Boss Yu lost two thousand golds to Xiao Yu and got scared and gave the conman another one thousand golds. The conman demanded Boss Yu another match. Boss Yu tested the conman by cheating and revealed that the conman was cheating and his hands should be chopped. The conman took his clothes off. Xiao Yu and the gambler walked together and laughed and thought they almost got caught that they are father and son. The gambler searched for the money and found a perfume in Xiao Yu’s body. Hua Wu Que said he bought this gift for him but washed it with the nanny’s waterbowl.


The other young man Wuji chopped the tree to picked up the birds nest. Wuji ate a bowl of rice and chicken on his birthday with his foster parents. Wuji practice martial arts in the woods at night. Doudou bought a bucket of fish and confronted the salesman of selling her a dead fish. Xiao Yu claimed Doudou his wife and paid him hundred taels since he doesn’t have eighteen taels to give him. The salesman told him he will give him back eighty two thousand dollars. Xiao Yu then said he forgot he has eighteen taels now so he’ll exchange eighteen taels for hundred taels. Doudou made soup for Xiao Yu and his father. Wuji found a manuel wrapped with a fabric by the tree. The wind blew and Wuji looked at the martial art steps on the pages.Wuji happily read the manuel and practice the martial art. The evil sect stared at Wuji and laughed. The Tianmen Scouts attacked the palace and fought with Mingyue.


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