Legend of Master Chai episode 10 recap

Joey couldn’t wait to go back to heaven after doing good deeds to the people. Joey told his mother he will leave to a faraway place. Joey told his mother that someday she’ll unite with him there too. Joey told Cherie he will go to the heaven soon and he asked her to take care. Noel dressed up for the wedding. Joey cooked vegeterian food and ate and drink with Timmy. Joey wished Timmy and Noel happiness. Joey told Timmy he will leave soon. Timmy found the food familiar but can’t remember where he ate it Timmy told Joey he doesn’t need to be mad at him since he is rich and has a beautiful wife while Joey is poor and lonely. Joey laughed and said he can leave with satisfaction. Joey waits by the woods for the gods to pick him up but nothing happened. Joey and his godfriend search through the books what deeds he is missing. The god showed Joey a missing deed about Timmy reuniting with his biological father. Joey said Timmy is now rich and he will not be able to endure when he finds the truth about his identity. Noel ran away from the wedding and left Timmy an apology letter that she appreciates he was good to her but she only has Joey in her heart.


Joey’s godfriend saw Timmy’s biological father sneaking around and asked him to enter Timmy’s wedding. As the wanted robber which is Timmy’s father, arrived at the wedding in front of Timmy, Timmy ordered the guards to arrest him. Timmy punched his father badly. Joey’s godfriend possessed Timmy’s mother body and asked Timmy to stop hitting since he is his father. Joey came and Timmy god mat at him ruining his night. Joey asked the guards to tie up Timmy’s father. Joey knocked on the guards. Timmy’s foster father yelled at Timmy’s mother for tricking him thinking Timmy was his son, while he keeps on treating his biological son Joey like a slave. Timmy’s foster father scold Timmy’s mother. Timmy said he will leave the house after he becomes a magistrate. Noel sat and looked at the drawing of her and Joey and tore it. Noel wrote many love letters for Joey. Joey’s godfriend told Joey that Noel is falling deeply in love with him and Timmy hatred with him is getting worse. Cherie ate peanuts with her lover. Cherie’s boyfriend proposed to Cherie. Cherie’s boyfriend asked Cherie to cook. Cherie saw a bunch of poor people eating her food. Cherie’s boyfriend invited Cherie and the poor people to eat with him at the restaurant. Cherie’s boyfriend told a story to the poor people and Cherie got mad and left. Cherie told her boyfriend being nice is good but he shouldn’t help everybody and she demanded him to return her money. Joey and his godfriend saw Cherie hitting Cherie on the street.


Cherie told Joey she rather be a nun than marrying such a dumb guy. Cherie said her boyfriend doesn’t make enough money for a living but he used all of it to help others. At the food stall, a customer complained to Cherie that he got a stomach ache after eating her food. Joey’s mother told Joey she’s been lowering the price of the food since the business has been going down. Others took the furnitures away. Joey turned the buns into silvers and threw it to the customers. Cherie’s mother fainted. Joey’s mother saw candle scent in the bowl. Joey and Cherie asked two guards to arrest the people but they refused due to another task from Noel’s father to find Noel. Joey transformed four chickens into guards and ordered them to help. Joey went to the court and confronted Noel’s father for not arresting the thieves. Noel’s father blamed Joey for hurting his daughter. Noel’s father ordered the guards to spank Joey fifty times. Joey ran away from the court. Noel’s father ordered the people to slap him for one thousand taels. Joey’s god friend told Joey he caused so much chaos in the earth. Joey and his godfriend watch Cherie’s brother working hard carrying the bag of rice. They eavesdrop him falling asleep during the lecture in school and couldn’t recite the poem when his teacher asked him. Cherie’s brother told his teacher he only went to school to learn tricks to rob golds. Joey and his godfriend saw Cherie’s brother stealing money from other people. Joey told his godfriend he must matchmake Noel and Timmy.



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