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Legendary Siblings episode 2 recap

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Mingyue defeated the Tianmen scouts. Xiao Yu ate some snacks with his Zhang Jing . Wuji passed by Xiao Yu and delivered the branches to the teahouse owner. Wuji looked at Xiao Yu’s jade. Xiao Yu feels a strong bond between them. and feels a strong bond toward him. Xiao Yu teased Doudou he will burn the hay so she won’t be superstitious.Xiao Yu Er’s foster parents found a jade on the forest. Wuji found his foster parents being murdered. Wuji sat on the sand and grieved about his parents death. In the restaurant, Xiao Yu found his jade missing. Xiao Yu ate buns and saw a pretty female walked by. The pretty female asked the clerk to reserved the spot for her sect. Xiao Yu told the pretty female some jokes and she pointed a sword at him.


A customer chopped his finger and gave it to Xiao Yu’s to repay his debt. Xiao Yu told the customer he didn’t meant to ask him to repay him with his finger, he wanted to extend the deadline to five more years. Xiao Yu told the customer he was the one who initially cut his finger, but it is a lesson learnt that gambling is bad. Xiao Yu took the bag of money. Wuji stood in front of Xiao Yu holding his jade and asking him if it belongs to him. Wuji fought with Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu told Wuji he thinks he got the wrong person. Wuji pointed a sword at Xiao Yu why did he kill his parents. Xiao Yu told Wuji if he kills him, people will laugh he couldn’t find the real murderer. Wuji told Xiao Yu if he killed him wrongly, he will apologize in front of his grave. Xiao Yu suggests Wuji let him investigate the case to find the real criminal. Wuji gives Xiao Yu three months to investigate the case.

Xiao Yu picked up an apple and gave it to Wuji and asked him to it then he disappeared. Xiao Yu sneaked in the restaurant but Wuji pointed a sword toward him. Hua Wu Que said he had a stomach ache so he ran to the restaurant to find a restroom. Wuji beat him up with a sword and said if that’s the case he’ll hit him until he feels well. In the restaurant, the servant gave Xiao Yu’s father some dishes of fish. Xiao Yu went to the restaurant and whispered to the servant to help him. Xiao Yu’s father watches Xiao Yu eating quickly and asked Xiao Yu Er about his identity. Xiao Yu’s father complimented Wuji as mature and asked Xiao Yu how does he know such a gentleman. Xiao Yu said Wuji wanted to kill him. Xiao Yu’s father thought Xiao Yu was joking. Wuji told Xiao Yu’s father that Xiao Yu killed his parents. Xiao Yu told his father now he’s full, they’ll see a play. Xiao Yu ordered eight of his servants to beat up Wuji. Wuji defeated the eight servants and pointed a sword at Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu’s father asked Xiao Yu what is going one between them. Xiao Yu’s maid brought food for Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu told Xiao Yu’s maid some jokes. Xiao Yu walked with Wuji and saw the pretty female guarding the restaurant. Xiao Yu teased Tie her. She pointed a sword at Xiao Yu but Wuji fought with her. Xiao Yu teased her to kill him . Wuji dragged Xiao Yu out and asked him to stop messing around.


Xiao Yu sat with Wuji and asked him how did his discovered father got murdered. Wuji said he found his parents burnt by the hay but they were murdered by a dagger. Wuji said his parents lived peacefully in the village for twenty years. Xiao Yu told Wuji there must be a motive why the killer killed his parents. Xiao Yu went to Wuji’s house to search for evidence. Xiao Yu asked Wuji to checkout this tree which has a deep strike. Wuji said his parents don’t know martial art. Xiao Yu found a golden jade and showed it to Wuji. Wuji thanked Xiao Yu for helping him. Xiao Yu and Wuji visited a teahouse and saw a sect fighting with the monks. A martial artist helped the monks. The martial artist asked Xiao Yu and Wuji to go home since he has other tasks to do. Xiao Yu returned home and told his father helped the naive Wuji. Xiao Yu and Wuji peeked at Doudou praying for love and Xiao Yu’s wellness at the temple.


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