Legend of Master Chai episode 11 and 12 recap

Noel told the servant he wanted the boat (Joey) but he doesn’t come but instead “the sedan chair (Timmy came) but now she leaves both of them. Noel went on the canoe when Timmy arrived at the shore. Noel asked Timmy to leave. Noel went in the canoe and asked why does Timmy has to be so good to her. Timmy paddle a canoe toward Noel. Joey asked his godfriend a favor to add more wind toward Noel’s canoe. Noel fell on the sea and Timmy hugged and rescued her. Timmy asked Noel what did she think when she drowned. Timmy told Noel he only has her in his heart and he doesn’t mind whom she thinks about. He’ll always be there for her. Noel hugged Timmy and apologized and said she will never leave him again. Noel dressed up for the wedding. Noel’s father told Noel this is the third time she put on her wedding dress. Noel said Timmy always risked his life for her and realized she will never find someone as good as him. Noel’s father told Noel of course she has to be with someone who loves her more than she loves. Noel recite a poem to her father. Noel promised her father she will not run away anymore. Timmy’s foster father asked Timmy about not respecting him and not inviting him in the wedding.


As Noel entered Timmy’s house, Timmy ordered the servants to throw a bucket water on Noel. Timmy scolded Noel that she used him and she only considered him as a second choice. Timmy pushed Noel to Joey and said his home is not a charity where Noel couldn’t be with Joey so she marries him. Noel asked Timmy to trust her. Timmy pushed Noel and asked her to leave. Timmy announced annulling the marriage between him and Noel. Joey beat up Timmy. Noel cried and knocked on Timmy’s door. Noel told Joey she doesn’t want to see him again. Joey sighed to his godfriend the more he helped, the more trouble he causes. Noel held a sword and wanted to kill himself and said he’s a failure. Cherie and Noel’s father went in Timmy’s house and pushed the tables. Timmy asked Noel’s father what is his crime. Noel’s father said Timmy hurt his daughter. Timmy told Noel’s father he should be punish for not teaching his daughter well. Timmy told Noel’s father he was being kind not sueing him for barging into his house. Cherie took a painting from Timmy’s house and tore it.

Noel’s father vowed to go in separate ways with Joey. Cherie saw her boyfriend piggyback a granny and demanded her boyfriend to give back her money. Joey’s mother’s food stall went down. Joey sighed that being a good person is hard and gaining one thing makes him lose another. On the sedan chair, Noel turned crazy hearing kids singing the song Noel got dumped and embarrassed by her fiance. Noel locked her self in the room and asked her family to leave. Cherie got mad at her boyfriend not hanging out with her. She pushed him on the pond. Cherie asked her boyfriend to remember to return her money. Joey prayed in the temple. Cherie asked Joey to turn her into a prettier lady to attract more guys. Joey gave Cherie a rope and asked her not to use it to suicide. The elder monk asked Joey to leave the temple. Joey challenges Johnny in a praying contest. Noel put on her wedding dress sadly and looked in the window and recite a poem.


Timmy received an edict from the majesty to participate in the bodyguard competition. Joey’s mother brought food for Timmy’s foster father. Timmy’s mother served tea for Timmy. Timmy asked her mother to leave and if he were his father he wouldn’t forgive her. Timmy’s father looked in the basket of food. Timmy placed a piece on the chess and thought of how to deal with the royal bodyguard competition. Timmy celebrated winning the bodyguard contest. A magistrate sent an edict that Timmy hid his identity of being the thief’s biological son and he is sentenced to death. Noel’s father told Timmy’s foster father it is Timmy’s karma. The magistrate took Timmy’s family billboard off. Timmy’s mother and uncle left with the treasure chest. Timmy’s uncle left Timmy’s mother and carried the treasure chest meeting with his girlfriend on the canoe. Timmy’s uncle’s girlfriend pushed Timmy uncle in the sea and reunited with her lover. Timmy pulled his uncle and said he came here to arrest him and his mother. Noel’s father sentenced five elder ladies one year in jail for badmouthing Noel. Noel’s father punished Timmy’s mother and uncle to take out the trash for three years. Joey’s mother gave a basket of leftover to Timmy’s mother. Timmy cooked medicine for his father. Timmy told his godfather he worked hard to bring recognition to his family. Timmy’s godfather asked Timmy to leave. Timmy bowed in front of his godfather and asked him to take care. Timmy’s godfather asked Timmy to stay and continue preparing medicine for him.


Noel’s father and Joey’s mother and Cherie eavesdrop at Noel turned crazy and pretended to get married. Noel ran away from home. Cherie found Noel’s handkerchief on the grass and asked Joey to save Noel. Noel stood by the mountain and recite a poem. Noel is about to jump down the cliff and Cherie grabbed her. Joey’s godfriend tried to save Noel and Cherie but accidentally pushed Cherie to the heaven. Joey’s godfriend asked Noel to find Joey in the temple. Cherie meets Erlang Shen in the heaven. Cherie told Erlang Shen he should be scared of her since she knows Joey and his godfriend. Erlang Shen laughed. Noel arrived a the temple and stared at the Buddhist. Noel threw the stuff and ran around and wants to marry Joey. Johnny asked Joey to solve his love problem. Joey told Noel he just wanted to break up with him not turning her crazy. Noel’s father came. Noel ran around crazily. Joey thought about how his godfriend used to give Noel the love potion in the heaven. Noel’s father ordered the guards to find all the doctors to cure his daughter.Joey asked Noel’s father to let him see Noel. Noel’s father ordered Cherie’s boyfriend to spank Joey. Joey disappeared. Joey sang a song in front of Noel. Noel laughed. Joey ate with Noel. Joey asked Noel’s father to let him take care of Noel.



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