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Legendary Siblings 2 episode 3 recap

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Xiao Yu asked Wuji what he's laughing about why watching the tombstone. Wuji told Xiao Yu 's he seems frustrated about his maid. He never seen him being so quiet. Xiao Yu told Wuji he never seen him talk so much. Wuji teased Xiao Yu of either kill her maid or kill himself. Mingyue came and looked at the tombstone. Mingyue is about to attack Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que asked Mingyue why she suddenly want to hurt him. Mingyue punched Xiao Yu and Wuji

Mingyue chop the tree and opened the tomb and saw the name of the martial artist Yan Haotian, which is her former lover. Mingyue recalled she fought with Yan Haotian, and won and gave him one year to practice and come back for a rematch when he's ready. Mingyue used her power to suck out the poison out of Yan Haotian’s body. Mingyue waved at theYan Haotian but found out he's blind. The martial artist said the priest used the poison on him. Mingyue asked Yan Haotian, if he fought with the priest to save her.


A gentleman wants to gamble with Xiao Yu’s father. The gentleman revealed Xiao Yu;s father's trick. The gentleman's sister prevent Xiao Yu's father to lend the gentlemen some money.She said the gentleman and she owns a gambling house. The gentleman's sister sent Xiao Yu's father an invitation for the gambling organization. Wuji opened the bottle of jade and saw the two jades similar to his jade. Hua Wu Que wonder if the gentleman's sect killed Wuji's parents. Xiao Yu 's father's forbid Xiao Yu to visit the gentleman's gambling house. Xiao Yu rebels and his father slapped him and asked him to not mention to go to the gambling house for his safety. Wuji told Xiao Yu his father was only worried about him.

During dinner, Xiao Yu and his father fight for food. Wuji told Xiao Yu and his father that his father promised to drink with him when he grows up but he died. He will never have a chance to drink with his father. Xiao Yu drinks with his father. Xiao Yu’s father told Xiao Yu he always wanted to walk in the beach but he didn’t expect his mother to pass away. He had to raise him. Xiao Yu apologized to his father. Xiao Yu’s father passed out and Xiao Yu bids him farewell before leaving with Wuji to the gambling house. Xiao Yu’s maid Doudou chased Xiao Yu and gave him some food and money. Xiao Yu fought with Wuji and jumped in the water away from Doudou. Xiao Yu told his maid he will return in three month. He asked her to take care of his father. Doudou sighed alone and knows that Xiao Yu will never come back. Xiao Yu visit the town with Wuji and arrived at the gentleman’s gambling house. The guards demanded Xiao Yu to give the invitation card. Xiao Yu saw two men got beaten up for impersonating a martial artist. Xiao Yu and Wuji left. A man sneaked and asked Xiao Yu and Wuji to give him ten golds in exchange in getting into the gambling house. The man claimed he knows a lady in the gambling house who can give him the invitation card. The man told them he will meet the lady tonight.



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