Romantic Repertoire episode 2 recap

Moses’s sister showed Moses a cheque of one million four hundred dollars from Joyce. Moses thought of how good he can buy a villa with that. Moses looked at the red carpet on the front door of his flat and told his sister that it brings bad omen. In the dressing room, Susan scolded Mo for letting her wait so early and she complained she didn’t get to play the lead in Hua Mulan. Joyce and Susan performed the opera on the stage. Joyce unintentionally slapped Susan and apologized to her. Susan told Joyce that the play is about the princess marriage but the audience only likes to see Joyce as the princess’s husband. Joyce promised Susan she can play the lead in the next season. Mo got scold by Uncle Moore for messing up the play schedule. Uncle Moore and Susan took a leave. Louise is considering hiring one more assistant. Moses saw Joyce and Louise back of his parking and was so close to his car. Moses gave Louise and advice of hiring a driver instructor to teach her how to park. Louise interview the candidates. Law Lok Lam attended the interview with Joyce and he said he used to be a composer and scriptwriter for the opera. Louise surprisingly saw her brother, which is Law Lok Lam. Louise almost bumped into car in the front when she parks. Law Lok Lam saw it and gave the officer some tips.


At a coffee shop, Law Lok Lam told Louise that a friend of his migrated to Canada and asked him to sell the house for him. He sold the house for seventy to eighty millions. Law Lok Lam said his friend called him saying a woman who just gave birth rent the flat for a month, so he has to find a place to stay for two more weeks. Law Lok Lam asked Louise to let him stay in Katy’s house. Louise rejects hiring Law Lok Lam.Louise meet the designer in the Mamamiya shop to sponsor them clothes. Law Lok Lam dressed up in the Mamamiya suit and gave Evergreen Mak and the designer and ID card and asked them to watch the opera. The designer watches the play and agreed with Evergreen Mak to sponsor the costumes. Joyce paid Law Lok Lam twenty thousand dollars to work as a manager. Louise deals with Law Lok Lam to pay him fifteen thousand dollars for his travel expenses instead of hiring him.

One of the customers Lai complained that Moses’s sister overcharged the painting. She showed the bill being scratched and said she ordered four paintings but only three were delivered. The colleagues gossiped that Moses’s sister rejected a chubby guy’s proposal. Moses’s sister cried and told Moses that the chubby guy only wanted to married her since she was chubby and would gave birth to many children for him. Her friend Lai introduced her sister to the chubby guy and they got married. The colleagues gossiped that Moses’s sister got mad that her friend betrayed her. Moses’s sister told Moses she was the one who delivered the paintings since it was after office hours. The colleagues looked at the CCTV. Moses called Jason and asked if Jessica is sneaky talking on the phone. Moses reported the missing painting to the police.



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