Romantic Repertoire episode 4 recap

Mose took pictures of the flat. Joyce was relived the Huaguang statue is fine. While watching the camera, Joyce and Louise saw Law Lok Lam coming back and grabbed the Huaguang from the fire. Law Lok Lam told his collegues Huaguang was the god of fire and he had three eyes. The Chinese Opera was noisey so the heavenly king sent him to burn the bamboo theatre. When he arrived in the mortal world, he enjoyed the music in the opera and forgot his mission so taught the singer to create the smoke. So the heavenly king believed he burned the theatre which helped the troupe to escape their fate. Moses forbids Joyce and Joye to hire Sloppy Tan to renovate their flat. Moses told Law Lok Lam to hire a contractor to renovate his flat. Moses showed Law Lok Lam how ugly the portrait doesn’t match the design. Law Lok Lam told Louise he asked Moses to hire a contractor. Law Lok Lam told Louise, Joyce, and Katy that Huaguang went into his dream and told him not to place the portrait.

Law Lok Lam cook and drank and Louise yelled at him not to drink or he’ll blurt out some nonsense. Louise showed Law Lok Lam her house contracts which he owes her five hundred thousand dollars. At work, Jason complained about not enough salaries to hire new staff. Jason’s colleague suggests Moses to use Jason’s probation salaries to hire new staff. Jason’s colleague asked Jason to use the trainees. Moses looked in his girlfriend’s room and found the medical kit open and worried she is sick. Moses’s sister doubted it is a pregnancy test. Moses’s sister gave Moses a pendant that his father wanted to give to him. Moses packed to visit his girlfriend, he asked his sister to keep an eye on their neighbor and asked Jason to find a place to move out. Moses’s sister told Jason that they may have to move out once Moses’s girlfriend move in his house.


Moses’s sister asked Wai out for lunch and ordered him to mess up renovating the neighbor’s flat worrying if they stay, she will have to move out. Wai visits Louise’s house and drill her house. Katy’s sister skyped her and chat with her. Her sister cried at the hospital and said she wished her boyfriend could keep her company when she’s sick. In the airplane, the flight attendant congratulates Moses of being a father. Moses looked a mother giving birth to a newborn. Moses held the baby boy gently.

Wai fixed Louise’s house for an hour and broke the tiles. Louise confronted Moses’s sister. The ringtone of Princess Marriage played when Jason called Wai asking him why he’s over there. Wai told Joyce he’s been attending many of her plays. He asked her if she remembers him. Wai promised Louise he will renovate her house neat and quickly.


Moses visited his girlfriend in Los Angeles and said he plans to bring her back to Hongkong. knows about her being pregnant. Moses girlfriend upset and told Moses she lost the baby. Moses scold the bartender for not accepting the credit cards, cause he wants to buy some donuts to cheer his girlfriend. Moses brought some donuts for his girlfriend. Katy called her sister Joe which is Mose’s girlfriend. Moses asked his girlfriend what does she wants to eat. His girlfriend would like to eat steamed dumplings. Moses grabbed his girlfriend afraid the ball will hit her. Moses and his girlfriend recalled they used to hug each other when the crowd ran on the street. Mose noticed her cause she wore the same cologne. Moses made steamed dumplings for dinner with his girlfriend. Mose asked his girlfriend to take the bow of vinegar. His girlfriend picked up the ring inside the bowl. Moses proposed to his girlfriend. Moses got interrupted by a few calls asking him when he will return. His girlfriend told Mose she needs some times to think.



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