Madam White Snake 2001 episode 8 recap

Xu Xian’s servant suggests Xu Xian to drink the pill. Xu Xian’s servant told Xu Xian that the white snake has a crush on him seeing how much she cares for him. She wanted him to pass the scholar exam so she can be the magistrate’s wife. Xu Xian poured all the pills from the bottle in his mouth and has diarrhea. The white snake assumed Xu Xian she will help him. Xu Xian thought the white snake wants to have sex with him. The white snake generate powers and fainted. Xu Xian told his maid that his four brain soup caused him to have diarrhea. Xu Xian mentioned when the drug store first opened and have been doing honest business for a long time. Xu Xian’s servant is surprised Xu Xian can remember the date when it first opened. Xu Xian barged in the white snake’s room and showed the white snake some manuels that he can remember the poems. The white snake spit out blood and fainted.

Jun Bao placed his father’s ashes to Hangzhou. The green snake hugged magistrate Bai Shi Chang. Bai Shi Chang’s wife hit the green snake. Jun Bao’s father asked Jun Bao to put his ashes in front of Bai Shi Chang’s wife. Bai Shi Chang’s wife cried. Bai Shi Chang told his wife that the green snake is kind. Bai Shi Chang’s wife asked him if he’s ashamed of marrying a female who is young as his daughter. Jun Bao grabbed Bai Shi Chang’s wife’s hands and said though she is her mother, she needs to repay for what she did to his father. Jun Bao gave his father’s ashes to her. Bai Shi Chang’s wife laid down. Bai Shi Chang asked his wife to get up and said Jun Bao didn’t lie and Jun Bao’s father died from poisoned. Bai Shi Chang’s said Jun Bao killed his father and framed her. Bai Shi Chang’s wife cried and said he just made an excuse to leave her since she’s old. Bai Shi Chang’s wife said his mother nitpicked her for being poor and forced her to marry Jun Bao’s father. Jun Bao’s father has a bad habbit of drinking. Bai Shi Chang asked his wife if Jun Bao is her son. Bai Shi Chang’s wife nodded.


Bai Shi Chang asked Jun Bao to call him godfather. Bai Shi Chang told Jun Bao that his father didn’t cherish his mother and abused her. Bai Shi Chang asked Jun Bao to go home and rest. Bai Shi Shang’s servants locked Jun Bao in a room with the green snake. The green snake told Jun Bao his background is even more pitIful than hers. Bai Shi Chang’s servant greets the green snake to meet Bai Shi Chang. The green snake hypnotized Bai Shi Chang. Bai Shi Chang told the green snake that his wife has approved their marriage. The green snake told Bai Shi Chang that Jun Bao is dedicated to the temple, and he wanted to be a monk but his master said it isn’t time yet. The green snake said Jun Bao cured her face using his medication. Bai Suzhen asked his mother about the green snake. Bai Shi Chang’s wife brought some servants to her husband and the green snake. Bai Suzhen greets the green snake.

Xu Xian dipped medicine for the white snake. The white snake asked Xu Xian to read and try to comprehend the manuel. Xu Xian’s servant asked Xu Xian if he has a crush on the white snake. Bai Shi Chang’s wife showed the house rules to the green snake to use it on Bai Su Zhen.



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