Romantic Repertoire episode 6 recap

Evergreen Mak asked Moses if he should change the Feng Shui to change his luck. Evergreen Mak asked if he should buy a tortoise jelly to cheer his father Master Tin. Moses checked the client Mrs. Wah’s room to design the fengshui. Moses asked Mrs. Wat about the payment of eighty thousand dollars she owes his company. Moses told Mrs. Wat he couldn’t reach Mr.Wah. Moses wanted to go to Mr. Wah’s company to see him but his wife prevented and called him and told Moses that he lend his friend the eighty thousand dollar cheque .Moses turned the speaker on. Mr. Wah said the signboard of the hotel where he works fell and injured someone and his colleagues has been hospitalized. Moses told Mrs. Wah his company’s lawyer will send her a letter. Moses give Mrs. Wah till next monday to pay her cheque. Mrs. Wah asked Louise to lend her some money. Katy gave some suggestions to Jessica to improve the design. Jessica wouldn’t tale the idea and asked her to make three copies of the design and give it to her by nine in the morning tomorrow. Katy worked hard all night setting up her design. Katy happily brought her design to work. Jason saw Katy’s face looks pale and asked her for a cup of coffee. Katy gave the model to Jessica, and Moses told Katy if he was her he wouldn’t do things in his own hands. Moses asked Katy to put the model away.

Moses discuss with a client about her payment of one hundred and sixty thousand dollars. The client said her boyfriend is lending his friend some money. She pretended to be broke when she’s with him worrying he’s tricking her. She’s been dating him for half a year. He’s a security guard. Louise gave Moses the cheque for Mrs. Wah. Mose slooked at it carefully. Louise asked Moses that he doesn’t trust anyone. Moses told Louise the more you trust someone, the easier it is for them to cheat. Moses told Joyce if the cheque got transferred again, she should take of the picture in the living room. Joyce told Moses many people liked the portrait. Joyce made a bet with Moses that the cheque won’t be transferred away. If she loses, she has to take her portrait down, if he loses he has to take Katy to work with him. Moses showed Katy the cheque and asked her to tell Joyce she lost the bet. Joyce took her portrait down. Law Lok Lam told Joyce and Louise he’s worrying that Mrs. Wah has been cheated by her husband and Moses must have known something about it.


Katy came to Mrs. Ho to collect her balance. Katy saw Mr. Wah talking to his mistress. Katy told Joyce that Jason told her that Mrs. Ho owns several flats. Joyce believes Mr. Wah wants to cheat Mrs. Ho’s money. Mrs. Wat called Joyce and aid her husband said his friend’s case is settled. Katy told Joyce she thinks Moses wants them to find out about Mr. Wah’s mistress. Joyce paid Moses the cheque of eighty thousand dollars. Moses told Joyce that Mrs. Wah is even dummer than her for not knowing her husband was cheating after living with him for many years, unlcess she’s lying to herself. Mrs. WaH cried and told Joyce and Louise that Moses was right. Mrs. Wah told Louise she would like to move and divorce her husband.

Katy bought a coffee for Jason but he already had one. Katy then gave it to Moses but Moses asked Katy if she’s giving it him cause others don’t want it. Moses took the cup of coffee and asked Katy to look at Jessica and the client Richard. The client yelled at Jessica. Moses told Katy that no mother how good her idea is, the client will still yell at her. Moses told Katy she’s lucky that Jessica is in charge of the design or else she would be the one being yelled by the client. Katy told Jason that Moses always teased others, she asked him if he knows Moses’s flaws. Jason told Katy that being a designer is we see things others don’t see. The way Moses talk sounds harsh, but he is kind. Akina gave Evergreen Mak a proposal and they chat about investing on a land. Mrs. Lai looked at the proposal and told Mr. Tin she’s worried that Evergreen Mak may get cheated by the Mainlander.

Joyce performed the opera in front of Master Tin. Master Tin asked Joyce for advices about investment. Moses said Joyce may be a great Opera Singer but she’s not so bright in investing. Moses looked at Joyce performing opera while hanging his clothes. Moses told Joyce that Evergreen Mak worked hard to impress his father, he doesn’t want an outsider influenced him. Joyce told Moses she doesn’t talk about things she doesn’t know, and they both love opera. Joyce asked Moses if he doesn’t trust her because he never tells the truth. Joyce told Moses that he talks normally cause he’s close to her. Jason showed Moses a picture of Mrs. Wah sleeping in a shelter. Moses told Jason that Joyce will accuse him being a bad guy if she finds out. Jason asked Moses why does he care what Joyce say.



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